Beauty and the Bride: Five Must-Haves for Your Wedding Day

by jaime on June 4, 2012

Whether you’re carrying a clutch or have a faithful bridesmaid, there are bound to be a few beauty needs that crop up during your special day. Sure, you can pack that bag full, but these are the five things you shouldn’t go without before you walk down the aisle.

1. Lip Gloss – sure, this is a gimme. But make sure of two things: that the gloss you choose isn’t too colored (you’ll leave it all over your husband’s face) and isn’t overly sticky. Not a gloss girl? Try a stain (like Benefit’s BeneTint) and carry around a lip balm instead.

Our picks: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Spring Fling and Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic Wand

2. Setting Spray (for your skin!) – you sweat and your makeup runs. But it doesn’t have to if you use a great setting spray. The full-size bottle may be too big for your little clutch, but here’s a tip: get a travel size spray bottle and add a little in there to mist yourself throughout the day. You may not need it though; some setting sprays last up to 16 hours.

Our pick: Skindinavia’s Bridal Makeup Finish (16 hours of staying power!)

3. Waterproof eye makeup – eyeliner AND mascara, ladies. Both will run like nobody’s business, so don’t fool around. Test your makeup beforehand (actually, test ALL your makeup beforehand. No first-runs on the day of the wedding!) and make sure it can hold up to some serious waterworks.

Our picks: blinc Mascara and Eyeliner (I’ve tested these myself!)

4. Hair Pins and Hair Spray – come on, let’s be real. Your hair might stay put perfectly all through the night, but when does that ever happen? Prepare yourself with a few hair pins in your own hair color just in case. And while you’re at it, a little travel size hair spray is a must (even if you don’t need it, one of your bridesmaids or guests might).

Our picks: Nexxus Travel Size Natural Hold Spray and Conair Bobby Pins

5. Perfume – even just a tester will do, but I’d recommend trying a perfume that your husband hasn’t smelled on you before. Pick something you love – it will remind you of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

Our pick: Creed Love in White and Miss Dior Cherie

I’d also say you should include some blotting papers (if you tend to get a bit oily, like I do) and mints (especially if you’re serving an oniony dinner – don’t be mean to your new husband), but the five above are my key pieces.

What are your beauty must-haves for your wedding day? 

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