Wedding Gifts: Pretty Party Favors from SCOUT by Bungalow!

by jaime on June 25, 2012

Since I’m a big fan of cute little gifts that don’t have to break the bank, there was a perfect fit for SCOUT by Bungalow items! This line of adorable totes and cute designs is perfect for a wedding – and with names like the Spirit Liftah (for the wine bags!), Uptown Girl (a cute tote), the Totes-Ma-Goat (another great tote) and more, they can add a little bit of whimsy to your wedding. Here are my three favorite styles for a wedding favor.

1. The Goodie Bag –  (goodee bag) n. 1. Perfect bag for the earth-friendly shopper.

Perfect for toting around your treats from the candy table, the goodie bag is another great, reusable gift that will let them think of you again and again!

2. The Spirit Liftah –  (spear-it lift-tah) n. 1. Salutations for the libations. 2. Lift bottled ‘giftations’ to a new level. 3. Guaranteed to elevate the spirits of the receiver. 4. Member of Bungalow’s Wrap Pack of reusable and tree-friendly gift bags and totes.

Okay, so you may not be giving out wine at your wedding. But if you’ve got cute personalized bottles like these:

you might relish the idea of giving out pretty little totes to carry them in.

3.  The Doggie Bag –  (dawg-ee bag) n. 1. Sole inspiration of the Brown-Bag Renaissance (BBR). 2. Fashionable and insulated reusable lunch bag. 3. Fits comfortably inside all Scout totes. 4. The envy of all leftovers. 5. What brown CANNOT do for you.  6. Larger size to hold your tupperware.

This bag is the PERFECT parting gift – get one for each group and provide ziploc bags. Then, let them take home food extras – cheap, easy and oh-s0-clever!

If you shop today, you can score big – SCOUT is doing a secret promo on their Facebook page and you can get 35% off your order! Reading this after 6/25? Use code freeship10 to get 10% off and free shipping (with no minimum)!

Head over to SCOUT by Bungalow now!


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