More Tips from Beyond: Advice for Your Wedding Day

by jaime on July 3, 2012

Something always goes wrong. It could be minor, hopefully, for us we had the worst storm of the summer roll in a few minutes before my OUTDOOR wedding. But it worked out ok. And my wedding topper was assembled wrong too. Laugh those things off if it happens to you.” – Christina G.

“My cake place forgot my topper entirely! My sister in law fixed the problem by putting rose buds on the top of the cake from one of my table centerpieces. No biggie… just shrug off the small stuff.” – Christina M.

Guests cancel at the second, so underestimating your final count can save big money. And something always go wrong, for us it was a hurricane and numerous last minute things.” – Kali

Notice a trend here?!?

As someone who is in the midst of planning my own wedding, I’ll admit that I’m probably overconfident that I won’t screw something up. So with that in mind, I’m prepared to accept (and you should, too!) that it doesn’t matter how perfectly you plan ahead of time… some things are just beyond your control. Something WILL go wrong, so you need to be able to let it go and focus on the real reason for the day: you’re getting married to the man of your dreams!

What are your tips for soon-to-be brides like me? Share the advice you wish you got in the comments!

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Paula @lkg4sweetspot July 4, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Don’t let your new brother-in-law anywhere near your honeymoon suite if he is a jokester (something I failed to do) and make the ceremony part quick so you don’t feel like passing out from nerves.

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