Behind the Scenes: Nicole and Kenny’s Real Michigan Wedding

by jaime on July 6, 2012

I love getting to share weddings from a different perspective. Here’s the scenario: what if your Maid of Honor was also a talented photographer who grabbed a camera when she could to take behind-the-scenes pictures of your beautiful Michigan wedding? Well, that’s just what happened for Nicole and Kenny, today’s real wedding couple – each photo here was taken by the best friend/maid of honor, Casey Rucinski of Casey and Her Camera, in between her MOH duties.

Check out the whole story (and more photos!) below, courtesy of both Casey and Nicole!

Casey: The couple: Nicky and Kenny, best friends and high school sweethearts. They’ve known each other for over 10 years now and began dating as young teenagers in high school. Together on and off throughout college, they never separated further than changing their ‘title’ and locations. Throughout the time I’ve known Nicole, Kenny has always been there for her backing her up and supporting her through and through, and she supporting him from early morning wake up calls, to complex calls about career moves. Both from Michigan, Kenny attended college out of state and moved to Virginia to begin his career after graduation. Nicky stayed in Michigan, but relocated to Virginia just less than a year before they married. Originally relocating to take a new spin on life, their everlasting romance instantly rekindled and the couple found themselves engaged just six months later and married four months after. In ten months they reopened the door to a relationship that was always and will always be there.

Photographs: I do not have your typical photos from this wedding (bride and groom kissing, vows, etc) as I was actually the maid of honor in the wedding. A photographer friend of mine was the ‘official’ photographer while I was doing my duty as best friend. However, as always, it’s hard for me to be without a camera in hand – I mean, what does a photographer do when their best friend gets married? Secretly stash away your camera for every spare second of use, of course! Aside from posing in a few pictures and standing beside Nicole as she married her high school sweetheart, I had camera in hand for some of her day. The images here are mine, thus explaining the gap in between classic scenes.

Ceremony: The ceremony was small and held at the officiants house in Armada, Michigan. They have a beautiful house, an amazing space for the bride to get ready (perfect through a photographer’s eyes, too!), and a yard to hold an intimate outdoor ceremony. There were immediate family only at the ceremony, making it even more special to those involved.

Post-Ceremony: What we like to call a photo adventure commenced shortly after the ceremony ended, taking us to The Lamb’s Tail, a antique store in Armada. Nicole had contacted the owner ahead of time, fully familiar with our photo adventure antics, and arranged to take photos with some of their phenomenal pieces as props. After wrapping up there, the group cruised around downtown Detroit, fitting in a few final photos before heading to the reception (held at The Masters in Madison Heights, MI) where we met up with the other wedding guests.

Nicole: It is hard for me to describe what an honor it was to have my best friend by my side during our ceremony, however, I believe one of my favorite memories (and a moment of relief) during our special day was the moment I looked out the bedroom window to see Casey, Subway sandwich in hand and camera alongside. When Casey has her camera, I am certain the day will include adventure, excitement, and memories for life.

Casey has been my best friend for years and I have always admired her passion for capturing special moments in life and producing a work of art with each photograph.  As you can imagine, my nerves were out of control the day of our wedding and Casey’s presence (along with her camera) washed all of my worries away.  Her ability as a photographer and devotion as a friend helped create a day that my husband and I will never forget.

Thank you so much for sharing such an adorable story about a wedding (and a friendship!), Casey and Nicole! Share your thoughts about this outdoor Michigan wedding in the comments, and check out Casey’s Facebook page for more beautiful photos.


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