Designer Q&A: Hayley Paige

by jaime on July 9, 2012

I got the chance to try on a few Hayley Paige dresses at Blue in Denver and fell in love – so I thought I’d share a little bit more of Hayley by asking her some fun questions in today’s Q & A session!

1. Tell us how you started making wedding dresses.
I’ve always loved the quote from Einstein “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.” I grew up idolizing Disney Princesses who chased their dreams and a Grandmother that taught me how to sew and bake. Design was a natural and inevitable practice. With regards to the wedding industry specifically, my attraction was three fold: my parents having a beautiful marriage, the bridal gown reputably assuming THE most emotional of purchases, and the addictive freedom I feel by losing myself in happy conjures of gorgeous gowns.

2. What was your own wedding like?
I think because I am not married, I focus on building a stronger connection to my bride. I want to be more entrapped in her story and her dress and less focused on my wedding and what I might consider for myself. The design process becomes all the more adventurous and fabulously eclectic. I do hope to be married someday, but it’s not something I personally take into consideration with my creative work. Vanity can be misleading, whereas listening to other people’s stories leads to a stronger delivery.

3.What do you think is the most important part of the planning process?
Thinking about your groom! So much of the wedding process is glamorized and feminine, but the concept of marriage is about two people becoming a team and representing a life together. There is nothing better than being involved in a gown appointment when a bride says, “My future husband is going to absolutely LOVE this on me.” I just love the idea of choosing a dress with the groom in mind.

4. Is there any great pre-wedding advice that you’d like to share?
With regards to finding the dress, the advice I like to give to brides is to keep your expectations big and your entourage small. During gown appointments, it’s always fun to include current and future family members, but sometimes the opinions get overwhelming and way too influential. The more people you include in your appointment the more important it is to stay true to the style you really love.

With regards to the actual wedding, my best advice is to have the time of your life. The planning process is daunting and tiring to say the least, and once the wedding day comes, relinquishing control is the best way to enjoy the moment and your new life partner.

5. Of all the dresses you’ve designed, tell us some of your favorites.
That’s like choosing a favorite child! Haha. Sometimes one child acts out or garners negative attention, but it’ so important to keep in mind that each product is an expression of creativity and has the potential to be a dream-maker. That’s something that is difficult to quantify. If I had to choose what I am mostly enamored by at the moment, I would say the styles that stand separate from what is currently being offered in the bridal market, such as Tuula, Babs, and Ellie.

6. Any hints on what we should expect for new wedding trends in the near future?
Although it’s so important to produce a well-rounded bridal assortment, I don’t plan on bringing sand to the beach! There is a lot of overlap in the bridal industry, and it’s important to keep true to a particular demographic. Trends I am particularly excited about for the upcoming season include separates, interchangeable styles, and novelty fabrics.

Thanks so much to Hayley for making this Monday a little more beautiful! Check out more dress shots (and find out where you can try them on near you!) over on the JLM website.


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