Monday Inspiration: 20 Reasons I Love You

by jaime on July 23, 2012

Monday is always a great day to find happy and warm things to think about that distract you from the fact that it’s, well, Monday. After spending a great weekend together (and a few inspirational Pinterest boards), I decided to make a little list for Cam – just a little something that tells him why I love him (and how much). Little things like this are great to do with your fiance, if anything because it reminds you to never take for granted the love you have in your life.

Plus, you can create your list, get it framed and display it at the wedding for a personal touch that’s both romantic and fun!

Here’s the list I’m giving to Cameron. I had WAY more than 20 reasons, but I wanted a nice round number… and I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone else thinking of taking on this project!

I love…

1. How you set your alarm 30 minutes early to cuddle with me (and you’re oh-so-great at it!)
2. How grateful you are when I make dinner and clean the apartment.
3. The way you take care of me after I have a nightmare.
4. How happy it makes you to have my head on your lap.
5. The way you thoughtfully surprise me with little treats, like roses for date night!
6. How much fun we have, whether you’re torturing me at the gym or we’re at home watching SportsCenter (again!)
7. How you can tell when I’m in a mood because you know me so well.
8.  Your laugh, especially when it’s directed at me.
9. How much I learn from you every day. You’re constantly helping me grow into a better person.
10. That you aren’t bothered by the constant interruptions while you’re showering – and the kisses you give me when I do interrupt!
11. Teaching you how to cook – you’re a fast study (even if you think otherwise) and you never get frustrated with me when I’m being impatient.
12. When you tell me you need alone time. Often, I forget that, like me, you’re a bit antisocial. Telling me that you need some “me time” reminds me that it’s okay to spend time apart.
13. How fussy you get with your hair and the fact that you don’t cut it too short… just because that’s what I like.
14. That you always come and kiss me goodbye in the morning, even if I’m virtually unconscious. And I always get an “I love you.”
15.  How you’re just as quietly mean as I am.
16. All of our inside jokes and embarrassing nicknames.
17. The silly faces you make when I attack you in the bathroom and make you put on eye cream.
18. The way you laugh when you hug me so tightly that I make little squeaking noises.
19. How you know all of my secrets and still love me – not in spite of them, but because of them.
20. That after everything we’ve been through, we are still better together.

What would you include on your list?


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