20 clever date night ideas (that you haven’t thought of!)

by jaime on July 28, 2012

I love date night. Cam and I spend one night  a month where the other plans the whole evening, and it’s a great way to try new places and show each other that you’re still involved and in love.

In honor of our fun date nights, I wanted to share some ideas with you that work for us – maybe you’ll be able to get a few fun ideas of your own and run with them!

1. Bake together. Cam and I are big proponents of peach cobbler in the summer – maybe I’ll share my recipe one day! – and making it together (then eating it together, of course!) is always a fun idea.

2.Catch a sports game. There are tons of cheap options here in Denver, but this doesn’t have to be expensive (or boring) no matter where you live. Have a great Minor League Baseball team, or a Major League Lacrosse team? Maybe you love watching soccer or hockey. From college games to pro, there are options galore all across the country.

3. Teach each other something. Cam is really good at fixing things and being analytical, while my strengths are more creative. Whether it’s a night where I teach him how to cook something I love, or he teaches me how to golf (rather, he tries to teach me – I’m a mess on the course!), it’s a blast because we get to share something we love with someone we love.

4. Take a class. Always wanted to learn how to make mozzarella? Or maybe your more the type to pick up woodworking. Learning together creates a fun and engaging bond that lasts, and it can manifest into something more than a single class. You could learn that you make amazing creme brulee and he’s a whiz with the torch – it’s all about teamwork!

5. Catch a movie (and sneak in some homemade snacks!). Okay, so going to a movie is not all that unique. But add in some homemade, theme-appropriate snacks can make it a fun and memorable event. Watch a romance movie with comfort food, or an action movie with fast and fiery snacks. Bonus: write a little note on your date’s napkin and let them know how much you have looked forward to this date.

6. Happy Hour hopping. Let’s face it: Happy Hours are dominated by cheap drinks and appetizers. So plan an early night and hit two or three different bars/restaurants that you’ve never been to before. Split a pitcher of sangria, then try out some new pizza and finish it off with an early margarita and sopapillas – you’ll learn more about what each other likes and get ideas for fancy dinners at an affordable price.

7. Plan a hotel night. This requires less planning than you think! I’m a huge proponent of finding a hotel via Priceline’s Name Your Own Price – you can tell them the area you’re looking in and the star rating, scoring a huge deal on a great place. Last time we did this, we ended up at a great Hyatt for only $60/night, and we spent the full time allotted in the room. Bust out your sexy lingerie and massage oil for a racy, fun and memorable evening.

8. Go camping – and create a themed meal for you and your date. Tin foil doesn’t normally signify a romantic meal, unless you’re sitting together around a campfire and noshing on some delicious fire-roasted food. Make sure to bring all the fixins for s’mores, too!

9. Find the closest National Park! Learn more about the area you live in and the history surrounding it by heading to a nearby National Park. Do your research and plan what’s around and on the route there so you can make a day of it.

10. Go on a wine tasting – or host your very own! This has a bunch of potential, whether you go out or stay in. Going out? Find a place nearby (at least cab/public transportation distance) where they specialize in wine tastings, and make a reservation to try some of your favorites. Staying in? Grab six or seven different wines from your local shop, asking about them and what great pairings are, then plan an evening of your own complete with sweets and treats to share.

11. Relive your childhood with a trip to the playground. There are few things that are more fun than acting like a kid again, and a day at the park was always a childhood highlight. Hit up the swingset, build sandcastles, climb on the jungle gym and race each other on the obstacle course.

12. Pay it Forward – spend your date giving random acts of kindness to strangers (and to each other). Sometimes the most fun you can have is when you’re doing something good for others, and it’s the little things that make a difference. Whether you spend a date working at a soup kitchen or make treats for your neighbors doesn’t matter as much as the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll both get while you’re spreading love and kindness.

13. Work out together, going between each of your favorite fitness styles. If you love yoga, teach him how to do a Downward Dog. If he’s a rock climber, ask him to take you to his favorite mountain and scale it together. Don’t be afraid to try something new – you might find a fun new fitness option that you both can share.

14. Take a tour. Around here, we have tons of options to tour breweries, but you can easily spread the love. In Seattle, I loved touring Beecher’s at Pike Place – seeing how they made cheese was so cool. Find out what places near you do tours (bonus points if it’s free!) and schedule a day of fun and new experiences.

15. Plan a surprise date, where the only hint is the necessary attire. Make SURE that you give them an attire hint though, because no one in a tuxedo wants to head hiking, and donning cycling gear is only fun when you’re going for a bike ride.

16. Build something together. This is almost an addition to teaching each other something, but it can go a step further (especially if you own your home) – make something that you both can use. Some fun ideas: create shelf storage for your closet, remodel your bathroom or revamp the kitchen. The work is hard but the reward is great.

17. Play your favorite childhood board game. I was a huge, HUGE fan of Candyland when I was a child, and I have some great memories attached to that game. Make the old new and create new memories with one of your old favorites!

18. Read together. When Cam and I were dating long-distance, we’d sometimes do dorky things like watch television shows together (I’ve done this with my college roommate/bridesmaid Miriam, too!) while on the phone. Cut out the distance and read each other passages from your favorite books – not only will you learn a lot about each other, you may just find a new favorite book to jump into!

19. Pretend to go on your first date all over again. This is a great opportunity to learn more about each other – ask questions about them that you’d ask on a first date, be cute and get all glammed up for the night out.

20. Go tech-free. No tablets, computers, televisions or wifi. And absolutely no phones, check-ins or Facebook. Spend some face time with just the two of you and reap the rewards.

What are some fun and creative date ideas that you’ve tried and loved?


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Inge August 6, 2012 at 3:34 am

Good ideas!
We just went on a camping trip in France, with no internet at all, just some text messages were allowed, it is great like that!

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