Fit to Be Bride, week one!

by jaime on August 3, 2012

For everyone who signed up to join me, thank you! I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard this week, and I’m proud of that. It took me a while, but I finally built up a great playlist for working out – especially for my preferred method of cardio, the stationary bike, that I really wanted to share with you!

On the food front, I haven’t been as good. While I’m hitting the gym five days a week, I’m still slacking on my nutrition – and it doesn’t help my case too much when I decide to throw house parties and spend the day making this:

Not sure if you can tell what’s on the other side in that Le Creuset pan, but it’s a dish FULL OF PEACH COBBLER. Not exactly the healthiest thing in the world, but still. I did manage to also make these delicious stuffed mushrooms and spicy taco lettuce wraps (both beef and vegetarian), so it wasn’t an entire loss.

But even these bad meals still land on the food journal – it has made a difference in my snacking by making me conscious of when I’m eating because I need to versus because I’m bored.

For next week, I’m hitting the gym hard and working to improve my food intake. I’ll also be spending all day tomorrow busting my butt… literally. Here’s my plan:

– 30 minutes of stationary bike
– 40 squats with 10lb dumbbells
– 20 minutes of kickboxing
– 30 lunges (also with dumbbells)
– 25 burpees

What are your goals?


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