Love Notes: 19 little ways to show your love any day

by jaime on August 7, 2012

I’m working on being a better partner throughout this wedding planning process. It’s already been made clear that planning a wedding makes me crazy, but I want to make sure that it doesn’t cause any unnecessary stress in our relationship. Part of the way that I’ve been trying to improve myself is by focusing on the little things – things that I could do any day with just a little extra time – that show Cam how much I love him.

These are a few of my favorites, but I would be so grateful if you left suggestions.

1. Leave little love notes around the house – or stashed in a place they’ll be found (the trick is that they need to find them – don’t hide them too well!) – for your significant other. I have been known to hide notes for Cam in his gym bag or in the medicine cabinet.

2. Schedule a monthly date night, just the two of you! Need inspiration? Check out my favorite date night ideas.

3. Cleaning. It sounds boring and insignificant, but a clean house can seriously change the mood. I try to spend some time each week focusing on areas of the apartment that need the most love, making it easier to keep the whole place clean without any intense scrub sessions.

4. Do something that your significant other avoids or hates. Example: I HATE doing dishes, and am terribly grateful whenever Cam takes on that task.

5. Make the morning sweeter. I’m a pretty awesome cook, so I like to prepare breakfast for us on the weekends. If you don’t have time to whip up something pretty easily on weekdays, save the morning breakfast for weekends.

6. Hand over the remote. Better yet, set the DVR to record shows that you both enjoy watching, so there’s no need to battle for control!

7. Plan an evening from beginning to end. Keep the stress of asking “what are we doing tonight?” at bay by booking an evening for two. Whether you hit the movies or just find a fun happy hour, you’ll take the pressure off him by making all the plans yourself.

8. Offer a massage – with no expectations of getting one yourself.

9. Stock up on his/her favorite (healthy!) snacks. I like making sure that Cam eats right (because when he’s left to his own devices, it’s nothing but Lean Pockets and Shrimp Poppers. Have I told you before that he doesn’t like cooking? It’s an understatement.), so I stock up on snacks that are good for him AND healthy. It fuels his workouts and keeps him in better spirits.

10. Run a bath with his/her favorite scents. This may seem more suited for guys to do for their girl, but after a long workout or a stressful day, even the most manly men can soften up with a little bath. Dim the lights and bring in some candles for a romantic mood.

11. Scheduling tech-free nights every week, where you are focused on each other instead of your laptops. STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!

12. Bake a special dessert. Better yet, bake it together! Sure, dessert isn’t a great option for every day, but when it’s right? It’s oh-so-right. I talk about peach cobbler a lot, but it’s our summer favorite. Find out what he loves and treat him.

13. Make their favorite meal as a surprise. Whether it’s as simple as homemade pasta sauce or a more challenging dish, take the time to make him something delicious. Bonus points if you talk to his mom and score some recipes from her!

14. Offer them a free pass for a night out/time with friends. Put the nagging on hold for a night – if he wants to go play beer pong, let him. You don’t need to be together every second of every day.

15. Say “I Love You” and really mean it. Have you ever loved someone so much that you could feel the love all the way down in your toes? If you have, tell him.

16. Each month, take one weekend off from wedding planning. Give each other a break from the stress and chaos… just take some time to enjoy being engaged!

17. Grab a surprise snack while you’re out. If I’m out grabbing myself some Starbucks after the gym, I try to think of Cam, too – he’s a big fan of certain drinks and loves it when I bring that treat home for no real reason.

18. Always try to kiss goodbye. It’s something small, but talk about a worthwhile routine to get into!

19. Voice your respect and pride in their work. No one likes to feel disrespected – and more often than not, we forget to say aloud how much we truly admire the strong traits of our significant other. Talk to him and let him know.

Which little love note will you start doing? And which do you recommend?


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