5 secrets for great wedding hair!

by jaime on September 17, 2012

There are tons of clever tips and tricks for great hair on your wedding day, but there are five that you MUST know to have that perfect hairstyle work just the way you want it to. I’ve gotten these tips from multiple stylists, all of whom have been doing hair for years and specialize in wedding hairstyles and updos.

So, here you go: your five little secrets for perfect wedding day hair!

1. You want to have day-of “Dirty Hair”. If you have hair that with texture that is regular, thick, curly/wavy or otherwise not prone to large amounts of grease within a short period of time, you’ll do best with having your hair unwashed the day of your wedding. I personally go two to four days between shampooing, and this helps your hair start to build up the healthier oils that make it easier for your stylist to create a perfect look on your wedding day. Brides with thinner hair or hair that’s prone to getting oily: one day is more than enough, but be sure to check with your stylist directly on what they’d recommend for you.

2. Go Sulfate-Free. When you DO shower, nick the sudsy shampoo that you already have in your shower. In fact, just donate it or toss it, because it’s high time that you went sulfate free. Sulfates have been added to our shampoo for the last 20+ years with the reasoning of more suds = cleaner hair. It’s a skin irritant and it dries out your scalp and hair. Try a sweet smelling sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner – my personal favorite is the White Sands Orchid Bliss. I pair it with their Orchid Oil to have amazing, must-smell hair that my fiancé cannot get enough of! It’s absolutely intoxicating (but not overpowering), and cleans my hair without drying it out.

3. Get your color done no less than one week in advance (two is better!). Hair needs time to heal and seal after a color, especially if you’re going lighter or doing something drastic. If you give your hair the time to repair and look more natural, you’ll be less likely to feel disappointed on the big day – and you won’t have any crazy color surprises. Also avoid anything TOO drastic before the wedding. You want to, above all, still look like yourself in all of your pictures, and if you get that bright copper color that is far from your natural, everyday look, you’ll lose that opportunity forever.

4. Keep your appointments. This is important in the scheme of things when it comes to color, too – go to a stylist and get it colored. Between that coloring and your wedding day, set aside a day for your styling run-through – dress, hair, makeup, etc – so there are no big surprises. And make sure to bring anything and everything you might want included in your hairstyle when you arrive at the salon for your pre-wedding styling session. Even the best stylists still need your help when it comes to preparation, and drastic, last-minute changes make for an unhappy bride and frustrated style team.

5. Your wedding dress, jewelry and venue will alter how your hair looks… guaranteed. Yes, there are going to be certain styles that look better indoors versus outdoors. For instance, an intricate and delicate updo will lose its lustre on a windy day, while a simple look can work for virtually any style or preference. Keep your eye on the weather, and don’t expect miracles – your hair WILL get wet if it rains and you cannot keep your stylist there all day for touch-ups. Ask ahead of time for the tools she/he’d recommend for your day, and trust that your husband will find you gorgeous no matter what (he will, I promise!).

What are your special tips for great hair on your wedding day?


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Julia January 6, 2013 at 1:03 pm

These are some handy tips for achieving great wedding hair. You must always start with having your hair in the healthiest condition possible to give yourself the best chance at a flawless hair day. However, don’t be upset if your hairstyle isn’t perfectly pinned in place, sometimes the little flaws are the ones that make your hair look beautifully natural.

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