Brand new wedding songs for your first dance

by jaime on September 17, 2012

A little secret: this entire post came about when I heard the first song and needed to share it (I have a love affair with Matchbox Twenty), but I wanted to make sure that I got a handful of different genres and wedding music on here. All but one were released in 2012 (and the one was from 2011, so still new!) and they all deserve a listen!

Matchbox Twenty – Overjoyed

I got a little misty eyed when I first heard this song. Definitely a keeper.

Taylor Swift – Ours

I’ve somehow missed adding T-Swift to any of my music lists. It was an oversight that, here, is being remedied.

Colbie Caillat – I Do

This is a perfect song for an upbeat dance. It’s so cute and pretty.

Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

I had included this in a collection of wedding songs for walking down the aisle, but it’s a lovely fit for the first dance, too. This is another one that gets me all choked up when I hear it.

Bruno Mars – Marry You

A lot of readers recommended this song, and while I’m a little iffy about it (kids, don’t get wasted before you get married!), it is still very pretty.

Hunter Hayes – Wanted

I cannot tell you how much I like this song for a first dance! Girls, if you haven’t heard this song (it’s really new for 2012), then listen now!

Dustin Lynch – Cowboys and Angels

Seeing Dustin Lynch perform this in concert – and share that he wrote this song about his grandparents (AWWW!) – helped this song make the list.

OneRepublic – Feel Again

This is a fun, upbeat song that is still pretty and works for your first dance.

Liam Titcomb – Love Don’t Let Me Down

A super underrated song (and one you probably haven’t ever heard!) that made me swoon.

Which song is your favorite? And which did I miss that you’d include?