Monday Inspiration: Finding Your Unconditional Love

by jaime on October 15, 2012

Two happy people make a happy couple. Making sure that you are happy makes a difference – there will be days when your spouse isn’t, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to control that.

This weekend, I was the more unhappy one – not because of anything that Cam did, but because of something bigger: our BIG move. Sure, we didn’t really move far (literally about three miles from our current apartment), but anyone who has had to move ALL their stuff knows that it sucks.


Cam took charge of a lot of the things I hate (cleaning, packing… okay, maybe he did 90% of the work) and took care of me. It was amazing to see how well he managed the stress while I, predictably, melted down. He calmed me, gave me projects to do (mostly so I’d stay out of his way, but hey – it was a great distraction!) and told me that I had no reason to apologize… even though I totally just hate moving and never shut up about it.

So, we’re almost all moved in (the carpets were thrashed by the previous tenant, and we’re getting new ones today, so we’re staying with family up north – thanks, Dan!) and while I’m so glad that the biggest part is over, I’m most grateful for how wonderful Cam was about the whole process.

All things considered, it was a good weekend.

What little (or, in my case, HUGE) things does your significant other do for you that reminds you why you’re with them?


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