Be a Better Bride: How to keep your friends and still have your dream wedding

by jaime on October 24, 2012

I’m starting a series to help all of us become better brides, keep our friends and have the wedding of our dreams. And just a heads-up: this goes beyond just avoiding being a bridezilla!

Here are five great tips that we recommend you plan for at least two weeks before your wedding!

Tip #1: find a “text buddy.” From reddit:

The smartest thing I did was pick a ‘text’ person (maid of honor perhaps?) and tell EVERYONE to text her on the day before/of with any questions/issues. You’d think people would know not to text the bride with a small question on her wedding day but no… no. And when you have 10 people trying to talk to you all at once when you’re setting up, and you’re trying to text 10 more people back about small things, it gets hectic!!

And seriously, tell everyone to text this person. I sent out a group text to people in the bridal party and other people I had helping out, but I got texts from everyone imaginable… like mothers of my friends for example.. ??? It was nuts.

(Bonus Tip: Provide extra love, stress-relieving and rewards to that buddy. She’ll need it.)

Tip #2: Practice anything stressful beforehand, so you don’t go crazy on those around you. If you have anything where precision or timing is involved, it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra time on your own getting things prepared. You don’t want to go through the rehearsal (and subsequently the ceremony) concerned about something small just because you’re unprepared.

Tip #3: Prepare to pay all your vendors ahead of time. Just write those checks a couple of weeks in advance, give them to whomever is working as your liaison, and take that extra project off your shoulders.

Tip #4: Buy two pairs of shoes – one for the wedding and one for the reception – so you’re not pouting about cramped or blistered feet all throughout the night (and on your honeymoon!). Here are some great wedding shoe recommendations. Make sure to take these shoes with you for your last fitting, as it could change the silhouette of the dress.

Tip #5: Make a to-do list of all the last-minute things that you need to complete… and then make sure you actually have time for it all. Enlist help, but remember to be kind and gracious to anyone who steps up and assists you!

What do you recommend for the bride to do two weeks before her wedding day?


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