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by jaime on October 25, 2012

As a part of my review, I handed over the BlingDots to Alyssa (which are perfect for earring backs) and I reviewed the BlingWraps. We were both super happy with the product and saw both positives and negatives – check it out, then enter our giveaway for your chance to win!

For me, using the BlingWraps was a great learning experience. They’re a little fussy to get on initially, but once they’re set on your finger, they last all day long. The gel-like consistency feels similar to a clear band-aid while being a bit less visible (the wrap part of the BlingWraps is practically hidden, but the center cushion area is easier to see).

These are great for women who have a too-large ring or one with a heavy center stone that moves around a LOT. These are not for women who have petite style bands (they don’t cover the wrap part) or smaller stones that don’t cover the center cushion. You also need your ring to be at least a full size too large – half sizes and quarter sizes don’t cut it, but I could see an opportunity for a new product coming down the line later.

That being said, I love these for a quick fix. They’re invisible enough that they won’t be easily noticed by guests and a good photographer should be able to photoshop them out of the picture while still letting your ring shine on your wedding day.

BlingWraps are latex-free and hypoallergenic. You can buy a pack of 30 for $15 at

The BlingDots looks weird in the packaging and I was really skeptical at first. The directions say to stick to the back of your ear and push the earring through. Easy enough right? I did it without a mirror and it was tough to get them centered. Once I did, I put my earrings in and they pushed through the bling dots really easily.

They said that the dots will prevent stretching of your earlobe and drooping of the earrings. It did just that! I tried them with a stud earring I have then tends to droop and a chandelier earring that is super heavy. Check out the pics below! 

My ears are extremely sensitive to crappy metals and heavy earrings. I was a little sketched out that the bling dots were going to irritate my ears, but they didn’t at all. I even left them on overnight to make sure. They weren’t itchy or red or anything, I almost forgot they were there!

I was worried that you’d be able to see the dots on the backs of my ears but since they’re skin colored you could barely notice them. That being said, since every bride wants to look perfect on their wedding day, I don’t know if I’d recommend these. I think they’re perfect for everyday use, but for such a momentous occasion – particularly with an updo – not sure I’d risk it.

Bling Dots are hypoallergenic and latex free. They’re $15 for 45 dots at

For those of you who want to try these products out, it’s your lucky day! Enter to win below for your chance to take them home and try them yourself!

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Good luck!


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