Be a better bride: advice from brides who have been there (and survived!)

by jaime on October 31, 2012

Weddings are tough. They’re stressful, involve far more family than any other activity and, above all, they’re super expensive. That’s why it’s so important to stay sane and keep looking to people who have been there and understand what you’re going through.

And, my dear friends, that’s where Laura comes in. She shared her amazing wisdom on reddit (in the r/weddingplanning section, which is beyond amazing for brides-to-be!) and it would be too selfish not to share. So, a big HUGE thanks to Laura for her amazing advice! Many of these tips were ones I hadn’t heard before (especially her recommendations about DJs!), which make them a perfect fit for this site!


Get things done as you have the money and time.

Look for an inclusive venue (if you don’t have one already). Having to go fewer places for things will make your life easier and will make finances easier to keep track of.

Use Pinterest or another form of idea board for photographs. Know what poses you want.

Practice things that you’ll be doing during your wedding. Especially recommended things are your unity ceremony (if you have one), your first kiss, vows, smiling naturally.

Only involve people whom you care about and who care about you. There’s nothing that brings out a true friend or a real jerk like a wedding.

Have something to use as a form of stress relief that has nothing to do with the wedding. Your mind will need a break so you don’t get wedding burnout, or anxious.

Check out wedding fairs and get information from vendors that you would potentially use. Strike up a relationship with them at the show. There were a few vendors I was getting personalized emails from who genuinely wanted my business. You can get quite a few deals as well that are beneficial to the big day.

Make a playlist of music you want your DJ to play. Even if the music is “typical to weddings,” it may get skipped or the DJ may run out of time. Also, meet your DJ in person!

Make sure that people who are helping you day of who aren’t vendors (i.e, a friend doing hair or make up, helping you set up) are documented somehow saying they’ll help you (Facebook messages, emails, NOT TEXT MESSAGES) so that you’re not calling them the week before to find they’re double booked.

Eat healthy leading up to the wedding. A few brides have ended up with what I call the “Wedding Flu” after their weddings because they would forget to eat good foods and take vitamins before the wedding.


Wait until the last minute to find/pay vendors. There’s nothing quite like going to the ATM in your wedding dress.

Wait until the day before the wedding to get your dress steamed.

Stress out over small things that are going wrong the day of, because no one will know and no one will care.

Forget to eat or drink water! Your day will go quickly, and if you plan on having any sort of alcohol, you’ll need it in your system.

Be afraid to ask for help. While there are people who will supply unwanted help, as the people closest to you to assist you with things. You may find surprising friends this way.

Be afraid to say no. Plenty of people will give you unwarranted advise, or will try to live vicariously through your wedding. Just remind them that it is your day, and while you are pleased for the input, you do have things under control.

What do you guys think – great, right? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments and help another bride-to-be!


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Cassandra November 3, 2012 at 6:49 pm

That’s great! I actually hadn’t thought of the “get agreements from your friends in writing” thing before, because, I mean, they’re my friends! But the double-booking consideration is wise.

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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