Monday Inspiration: You can do this.

by jaime on November 5, 2012

Can you keep a secret? The thing is, I wish I was more of an excited bride. If I was being honest, I probably would’ve named the blog “The Anxious and Totally Awkward Bride,” but I don’t think anyone would read that.

The good news is that with each step I take, and each thing I cross off my to-do list, I’m getting more and more excited. Right now, we’ve got some of the big things taken care of:

– Dress
– Bridal Party
– Venue and Date
– Food (and OMG so excited about the food!)
– Guest List
– Photography
– Invitations and Save the Dates (the latter of which have been ordered and are en route to my apartment!)
– Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks (thanks to the how much alcohol should I buy post!)
– Bridesmaids Dresses

And we still have to complete these things:

– DJ selection
– Groomsmen (and Cam’s clothing choices!)
–  Game ideas (both board games and lawn games)
– Decor (this is a bit of a stressor, and I’d LOVE ideas!)
– Lodging and travel
– Honeymoon (I’ll take ideas for this, too!)

And probably a few other things I’m forgetting about.

Where are you at in your planning process?


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Deja Delaney November 15, 2012 at 6:12 pm

We’ve been together for 6 years and have been talking about marriage for 5. So by the time we got engaged, we had a lot of the big decisions already made. Like the date, we wanted to get married near our anniversary date – so when we got engaged we had 1 year. We had already scoped out a location, my best friend is a graphic designer, my friend’s dad is a photographer, my Aunt is a caterer and our friend had asked to officiate years ago. Within a week I felt like I was ahead of the curve. My engaged coworker had been planning over 6 months and hadn’t completed as much as I had. Then I slacked. And slacked. Now I’m 7 months from W-Day and I’m no closer than I was 11 months from W-Day.
Now sets the panic. I’ve been fortunate in that all of my preferred vendors have been available, but things like the invitation design takes time, even if my friend is a graphic designer. And I’m now looking at the budget and realizing how much I’m going to have to DIY… the Spring is looking mighty frightening.

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