Ten Brilliant Bridesmaids Gifts

by jaime on November 15, 2012

Figuring out what to get your beautiful bridesmaids shouldn’t be another stressful undertaking – you know these girls well and you know what they like. But you want to treat them to something beautiful, don’t you? So, for the girls who are looking to spoil their bridal party (even those looking to spoil them on a budget!), look no further: here are ten amazing gift ideas that can fit all budgets and brides.

1. Candles – I have a bit of an addiction to candles. I love the simple Nest candles (which are costly, but worth their price), but you can always head to your nearest TJ Maxx or Marshalls (or Home Goods, if you have one!) to scope out the great discounts!

2. Jewelry – this is pretty self-explanatory, but here are some of my favorite options (pearls and simple looks are the best bet!):



3. Champagne – a fun gift for before (each girl can get their own little personalized bottle) or after (to celebrate their own big moments in life), champagne ranges in quality and taste. My tried-and-true bottle for an affordable option is the beautiful La Marca prosecco.

4. Perfume – this is a tricky one, because you NEED to know your girls’ tastes to really nail this. If you have a slightly bigger budget, I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Sephora Perfume Sampler. Starting at $50, snag a box for each bridesmaid and she can pick her favorite scent to redeem for a full-size bottle!

5. Cute – and wearable! – matching gifts – whether you get matching tanks for the big day or cute flip-flops for each girl to rock as the night goes on, this is a simple and personal gift that won’t break the bank (but won’t look cheap, either!)

6. DIY Presents – Pinterest is loaded with great DIY present ideas, from floral bouquets to perfect room decor. Pick and choose what works well for each girl before you commit to one DIY project for everyone.

7. Pay for a necessity for the wedding (room & board, bridesmaids dress, etc) – this is also pretty self-explanatory, but if your girls have a big bill to pay, help them out! Buying the bridesmaids dress or paying for their room is a way to loosen up the stress of paying for everything necessary. You can even cover the cost of accessories or shoes, makeup/hair or anything else your heart desires!

8. Post-wedding picture in a nice frame – it would be so SO nice to get a beautiful framed picture of you and your girls from the wedding day! I know I’ll be doing this in addition to the day-of gifts that I’ve gotten for my girls!

9. Beauty kits (nice ones, of course!) – I love to snag a couple of travel kits from my favorite brands, like Frederick Fekkai and Black 15 in 1 for hair, Fresh kits for skincare and makeup starter kits (like this one from BareMinerals) because they are perfect for traveling and ideal for women who like to stay pretty on the road. You’re making your girls travel, so treat them right!

10.  Handwritten (and super personal) letter. This is an idea that I’ll be using both for my bridesmaids and my groom – a handwritten and personal letter is a rarity these days, so make their day by adding this to the gift bag.

What ideas do you have for your bridesmaids’ gifts?



Katie Drucker December 5, 2012 at 11:29 am

The 11th Amazing Bridesmaids Gift…

Customizable Dressy Totes: TIS Totes (www.TisTotes.com) are perfectly-sized classy and dressy totes made to fit what women need at weddings – sunglasses, a pair of flats, a clutch, a makeup – while enhancing their look. Brides choose two fabric colors (an outside color and a lining color) to match their wedding color scheme and adds a monogram the initials of their bridesmaids. A practical present for the wedding day with a personal touch!

Madi Janae July 1, 2013 at 12:01 am

Another bridesmaid gift idea could be a pre-wedding spa day. A manicure and a pedicure will make them feel special and gets their nails looking great for the big day. Although, it’s not really something they can hold on to as somewhat of a souvenir, it doesn’t break the bank… depending on where you go

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