Monday Inspiration: Near or Far

by jaime on November 19, 2012

With Cam out of town for work – now on our fourth week apart! – I’ve noticed certain things that make me miss him more. There’s the teamwork aspect of running a house together. And the idea that I get to actually cook for someone instead of just making meals for myself.

But most importantly is that comfort in having someone who knows you (and still loves you) right there by your side.

In the earlier years of our relationship, Cam and I did long-distance dating. For about five years, to be precise. Chicago to Ann Arbor, Chicago to Denver, Seattle to Denver (we move around a lot, can’t you tell?) left us drained physically and emotionally. So it’s strange to find ourselves back in that boat once more, even if it is only temporary.

If you’re also going through a long-distance relationship, stay strong!


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