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by jaime on November 20, 2012

We’re  back on the FttB bandwagon, and I have three amazing products to share with you that have helped me on my journey! I’ve been working out regularly and doing more from home as well, just to keep my metabolism up – now that we’ve moved farther away from my regular gym, the home gym items like an exercise ball and different weighted medicine balls (and videos from BodyRock!) have been keeping me fit and healthy.

Item #1: Therafit Shoes. These shoes are SO comfortable that I wear them around all day long (plus, how cute are these pink kicks, right?).

Whether for work or for play, women are on their feet all day, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can send shockwaves of pain throughout your body. That’s why medical doctor, Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series, The Doctors, created Therafit by Dr. Lisa – the newest entry into the expanding trend of comfort shoe technology.

One of the biggest highlights of these shoes is the shock-absorbing technology. Those little gray pegs can be adjusted to allow an increase or decrease in impact resistance, changing the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. Tired, aching feet? Remove one, two or all three of the Personal Comfort Adapters to change the resistance. Ready for a different feeling on your feet the next day? Pop them back in and get going!

Get your own pair at

Item #2: Shakeology Drinks

One of my girlfriends, Sandy, just began working as a Team Beachbody Coach (that’s right, the company that brought us the torturous P90X) and sent me a few different shake flavors to try. These were a big hit in my household because they’re healthy, tasty and easy to modify and make into a nutritious meal replacement. How do I drink my Shakeology?

Jaime’s Shakeology recipe:

1 packet of Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Mix
10 oz. of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 banana
10-15 raspberries

Blend ingredients together (using a blender) for a sweet, smooth drink that you’ll love!

Get your own Shakeology shakes from Sandy! Shakeology has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you know you’ll love it!

Item #3: Compression Leggings from Rejuvahealth

I know, I know – compression leggings sound like something that old women wear. They might not initially give off a sexy vibe, but these things are AMAZING. In addition to renewing tired, swollen legs with graduated compression (great for people who work on their feet all day!), these footless leggings flatten & firm trouble areas for an all-over flattering effect. Wearing them makes me feel like I have more controlled toning on my legs because everything is held firmly in place.

Oh, and when I wore these around Cam, he wouldn’t stop talking about how great my butt looks. That’s a selling point on its own! I’ve worn these to work out, just lounging around the house and underneath a long tunic with boots. Plus, they keep you warm and cozy in the cold – they’re a super multi-use item that will get tons of wear in your wardrobe.

Get your very own pair of compression leggings at!

All three of these items have helped me on my path to fitness success, and I cannot recommend each of them enough. Have questions or want to learn more about any product you see? Leave a comment and I’ll give you my personal opinion (or connect you with someone who can help you out!) on each and every item I use.

How is your Fit to be Bride progress coming?


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