Five Unique Flowers You’ll Love for Your Wedding

by jaime on November 30, 2012

Flowers! They’re one of the more enjoyable parts of planning your wedding (especially if, like me, you’re taking the DIY route). You have tons and tons of options when it comes to flowers, but if you want to take a slightly less traditional route and skip the tulips and roses, here are five beautiful and unique options for your big day.

1. Tiare Flower: The sweet Tiare flower — a type of Gardenia — is native to, and the emblem of, Tahiti where young women tuck the fragrant white blossom behind their ear… with symbolism attached to which ear it is placed behind, and what direction it faces. Wear these in your hair for good luck (and an amazing floral perfume!)

2. Kale Flowers: These succulents offer a lot of depth to summer and fall wedding bouquets, and they range in color (you can get white, green, pink and purple as well as mixes of the four). I love including these in tablescapes as well as bouquets.

3. Herb Flowers: Smell beautiful and embrace the greenery! We’ve featured herbal wedding bouquets on the site before, with a list of preferred herb options, and they are definitely a stylish way to add a little scent to your wedding day.

4. Black Orchids: Romantic. Unique. Beautiful. Black orchids are the right combination of rare beauty and unique style that can make a white, wintery bouquet stand out. Plus, they smell positively glorious.

5. Paper Flowers: Imagine a floral bouquet in any unique color that you choose. That’s what this (not-so) floral bouquet offers you! I love the idea of incorporating the colors of your wedding (or even some of the colors used in your invitations!) into your floral design schemes.

What flowers are you using for your wedding day?


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