Five little things you need to bring on your honeymoon!

by jaime on December 27, 2012

Admit it: you’re so wrapped up in the wedding planning – and the honeymoon planning (yay!) – that there’s a chance that you’re overlooking some little bitty details. You know, those little things that are so important… but that you just happen to forget to pack.

Here are five of those tiny, yet crazy necessary, things that you must remember on your honeymoon!

1. Lip Balm – this is obvious, but especially if you’re going to a dry or beachy place. Keep those lips uber-kissable with a great balm like Murad’s Soothing Skin and Lip Care. Pack a couple in your bag just in case your primary balm gets lost.

2. Sunscreen – also obvious, also easily forgotten… and something that’s way overpriced at beach resorts! My favorite right now is the sweet-scented and totally amazing Citrus Mimosa sunscreen spray from Coola. It has an SPF 35 and is a long-lasting, water-resistant sport formula that can hold up to your most intensive beach activities. Plus, it’s also available in a Pina Colada scent!

3. Skincare Wipes – when you’re traveling, sometimes your basic skincare regimen falls to the wayside. Throw a couple of skincare wipes in your bag and keep your face clean and beautiful all trip long! My favorite splurge wipes are from Adventuress (available at and my everyday wipes are from Simple.

4. Condoms/Birth Control – if you’ve waited until the wedding to get busy, you might not think about the necessity of birth control. But, if it’s a part of your family plan to wait, make sure to take steps to be prepared and protected! You can condoms at any local drugstore (if you’re embarrassed, ask the hubby to pick them up for you!) and you can get birth control from your general practitioner.

5. Waterproof Mascara – if you’re prancing through the water, your regular mascara isn’t going to cut it. And those romantic dinners? Well, they can sometimes produce random crying sessions. So, you need a mascara that’s going to last. My personal favorite? Blinc mascara – it’s expensive (around $25), but it lasts and lasts. It’s passed all my tests (sobbing, marriage proposal, etc) with flying colors!

Bonus! 6. Hair Ties/Headbands – based on how you wear your hair, these are a must-have. I personally love the bands from Kitsch, because they’re cute and less prone to leaving bumps in your hair. I’m rocking the Safari Hair Ties right now!

What little things do you need to pack for your honeymoon (other than the bikini, of course)?


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