Unique Engagement Rings You’ll Love!

by Alyssa on January 9, 2013

Now I’m not even close to getting married, heck – I’m not even engaged – but like every other girly girl in the country, I fantasize about what my ring will look like. I am all about uniqueness and individuality so I don’t want my ring to be a run of the mill solitaire from your local Zales. I want something striking, uncommon and with a serious wow factor. Here’s my compilation of unique rings.

 Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Ring – 14K Gold

 Cat Eye Diamond Ring

 Black Diamond Rose Gold Ring

 Moissanite and Diamond Rose Gold Ring

 14K Black Gold Dark Blue Sapphire Ring

 Hazeline Solitaire with Hidden Champagne Diamond

Pave Button Rainbow Ring

My favorite ring is Hazeline Solitaire. I think that stone is absolutely stunning, a head turner for sure. I love the dainty-ness of band then that stone is just like – WHAM – in your face gorgeous. Which one is your favorite?


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