Enter the 2013 Ultimate Wedding Contest and win $5k!

by jaime on February 21, 2013

I’m all about these easy-to-enter contests that will help us to afford our perfect wedding – and here’s a great option! Here’s what’s listed on the site on how to enter:

1. Give us some details about you and your wedding. If you haven’t finalized all the details, thats OK – just tell us your plans.
2. Tell us why you should be the Ultimate Wedding Contest Winner.
3. Upload a photo of you and your partner.

Everyone – myself included! – could use an extra $5,000 when it comes to wedding (and honeymoon) planning, and Michael’s is giving it away to one lucky bride! Just click on the image above to enter!

Good luck, and happy planning!



Elizabeth Severns April 15, 2013 at 12:17 am

Justin and I have been dating for 5 years. Throughout these 5 years a lot has happened, that essentially postponed our wedding that we both knew from day one would happen one day. We’ve known each other since middle school but reconnected after graduation. Three months into our perfect relationship he confessed his love for me at sunset on my favorite of all favorite places, Lake Michigan. That day/night was the most amazing day of my life, we made promises to each other, and said I love you 100,000x because we’d both been thinking it for so long but were afraid to take things too fast. Just shortly after this amazing day, my father was involved in a car accident, resulting in him with a Traumatic Brain Injury. This was ironic as my dad went back to college at 40something to work with adults with brain injuries at Peckham Vocational Services here in Lansing, Mi just ten years before. My dad was not the same person. It was heartbreaking and awful. He slowly became well enough to be able to return home with his wife, things were hectic and would never be the same again. Just as my dad was getting better, my boyfriend was laid off from his job. Justin was on unemployment for a year. My dad got a little better but, he was a totally different person… Three days before my 22nd birthday, Justin and I had been dating for 2 years, my dad passed away from a heart attack. If I was the best author in the world, I could not write the amount of love and care Justin gave me for the next two years as I awkwardly mourned my father’s death, essentially shaping the person I am today… still the person Justin said I love you to 5 years ago, but a very different person altogether. Justin has been there for me through everything. I cried and spoke ridiculously to him and sobbed and hated myself, hated him, hated life, and Justin stayed with me and helped me every second of the way. Well, a year ago I had to leave my job at a daycare because I kept getting sick and the daycare didn’t care for their employees like a child care provider should. I went back to school fulltime because Justin allowed me to do so! He offered to pay for the bills so I can go to happy and get a job that I want so we can all be happy for the rest of our lives. I have been unemployed and a fulltime student for nearly a year now and I pushed marriage out of my mind because the time has just never been right. I assumed there would be no way Justin would want to marry me while we struggle sometimes as he supports us one income. On our five year anniversary we took a small trip up north and he completely surprised me with a ring. He dropped to one knee and proposed and I just bawled. I couldn’t believe it. How did I get so lucky to have a man like Justin? How can he see me at my lowest and still want to marry me? I am the luckiest person in the world to have found such an amazing man who I can truly call my best friend. We are having a planning a private wedding ceremony with his grandparents and parents and my mother, as she is all I have left. I can’t complain as I marry the man of my dreams, I can only hope it will be everything I hope for and envision. If only my wedding will be as beautiful as my love for Justin. We are the definition of love, and we are going to beat the odds. I can’t wait to bring up a child in this kind of love, the old fashioned way. We deserve a wedding of a lifetime because our love is one of a kind.

Maania Rasooli & Austin Hopper September 12, 2013 at 6:46 pm

Do you know the couples who don’t have to say anything at all, and just by looking at them you know they’re bond isn’t something you could put in words?

That’s us.

Might sound bold or even conceded, but it’s not. We’re in love and when it’s real you don’t have to say much at all. Our story is simple, no drama, no heartaches, no years of waiting to figure it out. We knew after a month and kept it real. Isn’t that refreshing? He inspires me everyday to be my better self, and I do the same for him. If we’re our better selves every day…doesn’t that make us the luckiest couple in world?

Most importantly we have family and friends that support us unlike any other. Our love and sense of humor for life is the recipe of our success.

Check out our video if you had any doubt 😉

Maania & Austin

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