Should you get wedding insurance?

by jaime on February 21, 2013

Life is full of big purchases: Your car, your first house and sending your kids off to college all come to mind. If you’re getting married soon, you would probably add your wedding to that list. Getting married doesn’t come cheap these days. The average U.S. wedding costs $27,800, according to a popular wedding website. In New York City, the average is more than twice that amount. With that much on the line, why wouldn’t you insure your wedding?

Special event insurance isn’t just for nervous couples. Fear of commitment is definitely a common cancellation reason, but so are food poisoning, tornados and flaky caterers. Here’s what wedding insurance will likely cover:

Illness and injuries: You want to spend your special day with the special people in your life. That’s what weddings are about – you share a singular, unique event with the people you love most. Why would you ever have a wedding without them? Unfortunately, people skip weddings for reasons other than cold feet. Concussions, broken bones and serious illness can keep otherwise enthusiastic (and important- think mother of the bride!) guests from attending your ceremony and reception.

Canceled services: If you’ve already spent a bundle on your wedding, then it’s unlikely you’ll want to compromise on any of the details. If the caterer’s fridge breaks or your cake is accidentally delivered to the wrong venue, you may not want to forge ahead with the day’s festivities. Bands and DJs might cancel, too. If they are suddenly unable to fly to Jamaica for your getaway wedding, you might want to change the date of your reception. Getting married is one of the few days you can call all the shots. It should be the way you want it: perfect.

Bad weather: Poor weather conditions are a happy couple’s worst nightmare. True, a little drizzle won’t get in anyone’s way, and rainy-day wedding portraits with umbrellas and rain boots have their own quirky charm, but more severe weather can thoroughly dampen your spirits. Tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and tropical storms are more than enough reason to postpone your important day. If you are having an outdoor or winter wedding, you should seriously consider purchasing special event insurance.

A basic special event insurance policy will cost you approximately $125. Deluxe weddings with the works require more protection, so it’s up to you to choose reasonable coverage limits. More extravagant weddings will cost you more in insurance, around $400 or more. In the grand scheme of things, this purchase isn’t unreasonable, plus it protects your financial assets. Venues also require most bookings to have liability insurance in case someone gets hurt or something gets damaged. Extra riders are available if you wish to expand your protection for high-price items, too. These riders can be used for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, wedding gifts and even your honeymoon.

Face it, special event insurance isn’t the most romantic part of wedding planning, but it protects one of the most special events in your life from disaster. You only want to get married once. Do everything you can to make sure that one time comes off the way you want.

This article was contributed by Shannon Casey, writer for With a background in comedy and playwriting, Shannon branched into blogging and marketing in 2011, writing for several national brands. She graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, in 2010 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts.

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