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by jaime on March 2, 2013

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Everything about that video above made me laugh! The looks on the salon clients' faces are priceless, but it does raise a pretty important point:

Nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than using Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper -now more cloth-like with a touch of cotton! To show this, Cottonelle is unveiling a series of hidden camera videos to show people that nothing from a kitchen table to a car can be properly cleaned without the combination of cloth and water.  

I was able to try these products recently as a part of Cottonelle's clean care campaign, and wanted to share it with you, too. Why? Because part of being a beautiful bride means that all of you is clean, fresh and ready to go on the big day! We all go the bathroom, so we might as well do the best we can to get as clean as possible (without having to jump in the shower every time we finish up at the toilet!).

Never having used wipes (at least, not since I was a baby in diapers!), I was surprised at how clean they left me feeling as opposed to basic TP. But if I could recommend anything to Cottonelle, it would be to provide a warming tray, too – in the winter, these things are cold! That being said, I will have these in a care kit on my wedding day to ensure that my dress and I stay as clean and fresh as possible!

Also, from now until June 30th, 2013, you can visit Cottonelle.com to watch the Cottonelle Wash Test videos and submit your entry for a chance to win one of four grand prizes of $10,000 bathroom makeover! Think of this as your way to start building the house of your dreams with the man of your dreams!   

What do you think about Cottonelle's flushable wipes and Clean Care toilet paper?


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