Moroccan Honeymoon Inspiration

by jaime on March 5, 2013


I’ve been heavily inspired my Moroccan culture lately, and it brought me the idea to share some information for those of you considering Morocco (and its capital city, Marrakech) as an option for your honeymoon! Here is some great information from Wedding Channel:


The Saharan sands and Mediterranean coastline of Morocco make it a fabulous place to take in a romantic atmosphere and experience rich culture filled with historic traditions. Amazing architecture, fantastic food, and much more await you on a honeymoon to this North African country.


Marrakech is a popular destination due to the mix of African, European, and Middle Eastern influences, which give this centrally located city an eclectic vibe. Divided into two areas, the Ville Nouvelle (new city) and the ancient walled Medina, Marrakech has so much to explore, you could spend your entire honeymoon there and not be disappointed. Within the Medina, the Riad Amirat al Jamal is both lavish and intimate, with a palm-shaded courtyard pool that’s perfect for escaping the mid-afternoon heat. In the ville nouvelle, budget-minded honeymooners should look into the Fashion Hotel, as stylish a spot as its name implies. Decorated in rich reds, oranges, and yellows, this modern hotel offers everything from an indoor swimming pool to a chic bistro cafe.


In this predominantly Muslim destination, strong significance is placed on feminine morals, so take heed when packing. It’s not unusual for female travelers to be harassed in market places if traveling alone or wearing Western clothing. Dress conservatively; long sleeves, pants, and skirts are generally recommended. Light hair is uncommon and can cause male eyes to follow you, so carry a pashmina just in case you feel the need to blend in or create shade on a hot day. Also, make it a point to have a male companion in public. While many modern resorts in the area may turn a blind eye to a female tourist wandering alone, it’s best to play it safe and travel with your husband or a male tour guide when exploring Morocco.


To get into the mood of your Moroccan honeymoon, here are a few products that I adore:

Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray and Surf Paste – create an affordable look with these fabulous, Moroccan inspired hair care products! I am super smitten over these (and talked about their awesomeness on Facebook).

Nest Moroccan Amber Candle – turn your room into a North African oasis with this candle.

Lee Stafford ArganOil™ from Morocco Miracle Shine Spray – this stuff smells AMAZING! I highly recommend the Lee Stafford line, especially this shine spray, for healthier, prettier hair.

Shea Terra Eau de Rose du Maroc Hydrating Facial Spritz – skincare that transports you to a new place is always an amazing treat. This rose-infused facial spritz is created with beautiful Moroccan roses to smell just like a field of flowers.


Happy Honeymooning!


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