Fun Ideas for your Theme Wedding!

by Alyssa on March 8, 2013

Not going the traditional route? Want to feel like a bonafide princess, or a sassy pin up gal? Want your guy to feel like sports star? How about a nature wedding? I’ve scoured the internet and compiled my top 5 themed weddings. It’s going to take a lot planning to truly pull off one of these kinds of weddings, but if you’re up for the challenge, let these pics serve as your inspiration!

Fairy Tale Wedding

#1 Princess / Fairy Tale Wedding
This might be every little girl’s dream, to have a wedding like you see in the Disney movies. A big fluffy dress, lot’s of sparkles and a beautiful carriage. And of course, your knight in shining armor!

vintage wedding

#2 Vintage Wedding
I think this is just so fun! Play some serious dress up with a red lip, retro finger waves and some serious lashes. If your guys is into it too, get him some suspenders and some hair gel and he’ll be on his way to dapper city.

Nature Wedding

#3 Nature Wedding
You’ve got to have a nature themed wedding outside. In a backyard, on the beach, in the woods – make it whimsical! Use things easily found in nature and don’t dress anything up too much. You definitely want to keep it rustic. How cute would it be to have a puppy be the ring bearer for this type of wedding?!

Rock n Roll Wedding

#4 Rock n Roll Wedding
Dress up as the members of Kiss, who needs a wedding dress. JUST KIDDING, unless you’re into that sorta thing! But seriously, don’t be afraid to let your inner bad girl out! Maybe try a colored dress and a fierce make-up look. And you’ve absolutely got to play killer tunes. During the reception have blow up guitars for your guests!

Winter Wedding

#5 Winter Wedding
I picture this type of wedding to be crisp, sparkly and cool. Lots of blue and silver and really great cool lighting. Set the tone with your invitations, put some glitter in there so it poofs out when your guests open it. Yeah it might get all over their floor but it will look so CUTE! And, throw snow instead of confetti while you walk out with your sweetie.

What theme will you choose for your wedding?

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