Unique Food Ideas for Your Wedding

by Alyssa on March 29, 2013


For many brides, selecting the food options for the big day is just as time-consuming as trying to find the perfect dress! I’ve narrowed down six fun and unique options for you to get inspired by!

Local Foods

Locally Sourced

This has become such a big thing these days. Why is it that food always tastes better when it comes from the same state you live in?

Food Truck

Food Trucks

I might be a little biased with this one because Denver has the most amazing food trucks I’ve ever eaten from. Bahn Mi sandwiches, Arepas, pizza, BBQ – there are so many options and they’re all soooo delish. I think it could add a casual and hip aspect to your wedding.

Healthy Food


Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you have to serve lettuce with raw cucumbers and tomatoes. There are so many healthy alternatives to your favorite junk foods; you could absolutely turn this genre into a culinary treat! Many people are watching their waistlines and would appreciate a low carb dinner on your special day.

Ethnic Foods

Cuisine from your favorite location

Did you and your sweetie travel to Thailand and love the food? What about New Orleans? Have your cuisine be inspired by whichever is your favorite spot. You could also incorporate this into your theme by naming your tables after beaches or streets from that same locale!

Family Recipes

Old Family Recipes

If you come from a family where food is a major part of your life then this will be super fun. Break out your mom’s old recipe box and pick your favorite dishes. Have the groom join in too! Each side of the family will totally love seeing family traditions and favorites as options on your menu.

Food Bar

Food Bars

This style is ever increasing in weddings these days. Brides are choosing everything from donut bars to raw bars. This is a relaxed way to serve some seriously scrumptious morsels to your guests!

What food will you be serving at your wedding? Share your ideas and questions in the comments!

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