Sarah’s Top Five Dream Weddings

by Sarah Macdougall on April 8, 2013


I’ve never been the type of girl who planned out every detail of her wedding by the age of six (or any detail, for that matter, boys are gross). However, as my friends sprint down the aisle one after the other, I have found that it can be kind of fun to imagine what I would do in that situation with an unlimited budget. Here are my top five options.

1. James Bond/Scotland wedding

Skyfall, anyone? I’ve got a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins, and everyone likes James Bond, so I think it’d be really fun to merge these two concepts, since he is Scottish too. The invitations would be enclosed in a mini manilla file, in a very official looking envelope labeled “CONFIDENTIAL”. I’ve toyed with the idea of having everything be in code, not unlike a cryptoquip, but I fear that certain invitees would either A. not get it, or B. not care enough to figure it out. The colors would be red and black, and kilts would be welcome (kilts are always welcome). Attire would be black tie, obviously, and tartan decorations would be everywhere. The food would consist of Scottish classics like Tatties and Neeps, meat pies, and deep fried Snickers bars. Bagpipes would be included.

2. Holi wedding

Holi is the Indian celebration of spring, taking place around February. Everyone wears white and they throw colored powder on each other. It looks really really fun. While the logical part of me says to save the dress or donate it to a bridal consignment shop if I don’t plan on wearing it again (when really, I’d probably wear it whenever Future Husband left the house while dancing around singing “I Feel Pretty” and basking in matrimonial bliss), the part of me that loves color and thinks that “trash the dress” pictures can turn out really cool wants white EVERYWHERE, and then after we’ve done all the “kiss-the-bride-you’re-married-now-congrats” stuff while our families are placing bets on how long it will last, we can all throw colored powder on each other. This would symbolize the color we bring to each other’s lives, or something. We would then go eat wedding cake with henna-inspired designs on it and dance. This would all be outside.

3. Library wedding

I love books. I think it would be cool to get married surrounded by them. Lots of paper accessories would be involved here. This one isn’t completely thought out, but since books are the best and everyone knows that, it pretty much figures itself out.

4. Bar wedding

Not in a bar. I just mean I think it would be really cool to have a cute little wedding outside, then go under a big tent where there are several different bars: salad bar, baked potato bar, candy bar, hot fudge sundae bar, mac n cheese bar, sandwich bar, taco bar… If it’s a food that people like served several different ways, there should be a bar for it, and then they can eat whatever they want. There would be trash cans set up in convenient locations, and because everyone I know is super well behaved, everyone would throw out their own trash.

5. Destination elopement

I’ve never been good at speaking in public. I always tap my feet and talk really fast and stumble over my words and generally, I just avoid it whenever possible. I’m not all that great at showing my emotions to several people at once, either, so my voice tends to get really monotone and just… I wouldn’t want to listen to vows being recited in that manner. So while I think it’d be cool to have my immediate family and closest friends there, I think it wouldn’t be horrible if that was IT. And then we could party it up when we got back from wherever and people could shower us with gifts and whatever and it’d be great. My personal preference would be Scotland, because grass is really pretty, and sheep are cool too, but a beach version of this would be neat. Or a city version. Or some sort of adventurous twist on this, like screaming the vows while skydiving.

What are your dream wedding ideas?

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