Cocktail Hour Ideas: Tiny Wedding Foods

by Sarah Macdougall on April 11, 2013


Guys, food is great. Small food is great too, that way you can have more things, but eat the same amount. Small foods are pretty much the greatest thing to happen, in my opinion. Here are some of my favorite small foods that I think I would serve at a wedding during cocktail hour (or that I think other people should serve, because I wouldn’t actually eat it).

1. Pierogis

Pierogis are an Eastern European food and they are amazing. Served boiled or fried, the best pierogis come from Veselka’s in Manhattan. If you don’t live there, but love food, you should pick up their cookbook. I did, and it was the best decision of my life. Made of dough and stuffed with mashed potatoes, cheese, meat, whatever you want, really, pierogis can be eaten in about three bites. Best served with sour cream and applesauce.


2. Black and White Cookies

This is a NYC thing as well. I’m currently on vacation from work visiting all the places I grew up, and it’s really opening my eyes to things that the rest of the states should have, but don’t. They’re usually huge, but a miniature version of these would be great. This cookie has a cake-like texture, and half is covered in chocolate frosting, and the other half in vanilla.


3. Sushi

I’m a party pooper and I don’t eat things that swim, but I recognize that I’m totally in the minority and that most people really love sushi. It’s small, portable, and whether I find it appealing or not, those high points can’t be overlooked. Plus, you can get vegetarian options. Everyone wins!


4. Fried Macaroni & Cheese Bites

Why all the good food has to be filled to the brim with calories is beyond me, but whatever. Everyone loves macaroni and cheese, and most people like fried things (in this country, anyway), and if there are people you know who don’t, you might consider trimming down your guest list to avoid inviting the seriously disturbed. I’m kidding, of course, I completely get that some individuals don’t like the feeling of their arteries clogging and prefer to make healthy choices. But seriously. It’s fried mac and cheese. Moderation is key.


5. Mini Wonton Pizzas

This is an invention of my own, and if I say so myself, it’s brilliant. I have set a number of fires when trying to cook, so when I did this on my own, I was impressed. I made my own wonton dough, cut into circles, folded it up into a little pie crust type thing, and brushed the inside with olive oil. I cut up some string cheese, put some on the bottom, and covered it with diced tomatos and basil. I put more string cheese on the top and drizzled a tiny bit more olive oil to finish. I baked it until the cheese started to brown slightly, and ate it, and it was good, and my day was good because of it. For the wonton wrappers, I used this recipe. For everything else, I played it by ear, but as long as you don’t set anything on fire, you should be good.


Are you offering fun strolling appetizers like these?

– Sarah


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jaime April 11, 2013 at 9:28 am

We’re not doing traditional appetizers, but one of our “stations” is going to be gourmet mac and cheese – three types (including one with duck, which is my favorite thing EVER!) that we all loved. :)

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