Delicious Alcohol Free Alternatives

by Sarah Macdougall on April 15, 2013

Many people choose not to serve alcohol at their weddings, or at least only offer a cash bar rather than serve alcohol to everyone. There are many reasons for this: children being present, personal family constraints, religion, etc. Here are some alternatives to alcohol that will still offer a fancy kick without being sparkling grape juice.

1. Italian Soda

These are pretty and delicious and available in many flavors. At my local grocery store, I found chocolate, cherry, and mint syrups, and we had a lot of fun figuring out the best combinations (chocolate covered cherry wins, in my book).

To make these, put a couple ice cubes in a glass and pour in 1/2 cup of club soda. Add 3 TBSP of your favorite flavor of syrup, and then 1TBSP of half and half. Serve with a stirrer and enjoy!


italian soda


2. Loooooove Potion

My mom’s go-to party drink was always Sprite or Ginger Ale with a couple scoops of sherbet, and it was always a hit. For this drink, combine pink lemonade with raspberry sherbet in a blender and add Sprite. Another version of this, if pink isn’t your thing, is to skip the pink lemonade and use lime sherbet. Delicious and fizzy!


love potion


3. Cherry Lime Rickey

A lot of people don’t know this is a thing. The best version of this drink, in my opinion, is served at Veselka’s in NYC. The best version of everything is served there, if I’m being completely honest, but I’ll focus on the drink for now. In a glass, pour 5 dashes of lime juice, 5 dashes of simple syrup, and 2 ounces of cherry syrup over ice. Fill with seltzer and garnish with a cherry. Serve with a stirrer if you don’t want to ingest a concentrated amount of pure cherry syrup.




4. Limeade

My favorites are cherry or strawberry, and Sonic does them best. But I think that if you skipped the styrofoam cups, they might end up looking rather spiffy! Pour one can of Sprite into a glass of ice. Throw in 3 lime wedges and some strawberries or maraschino cherries. Throw in some cherry/strawberry juice or syrup (depending on what you can find) and call it a day!




5. Watermelon Breeze

I haven’t tried this, but it’s at the top of my “To Drink” list. It just sounds so refreshing! In a blender, combine 3 cups of chilled watermelon cubes, 1 cup of coconut water, a squeeze of fresh lime, a sprig of mint, and ice, if needed. Enjoy, and then send me your leftovers.


watermelon breeze


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