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by Alyssa on April 27, 2013

The pressure is on! The MOH (or similar) has the pleasure of planning the bachelorette party. Super tough thing to do. You’ve got to make sure everyone is going to have a good time, and that my friends is a massive burden to bear. If you’re stumped for ideas, here is a list of fun ideas I’ve found that could suit your group.



Like camping, but glam – hence glamping. Guests sleep in “luxury” tents on comfy beds with bottles of wine, gourmet cheese platter and down pillows. You’re not exactly roughing it, but you’re not in the Four Seasons either. These can be fancy cabins or chalet in the mountains or woods so you can still get that rustic feel – just without dirt floors and sleeping bags. (That could be fun too, though!)

Beach weekend


Beach Weekend

Grab the girls and hit the closest beach. Rent a cute cottage right on the water. Get some summery foods like corn on the cob and popsicles and make a weekend out of it. Make sure you bring the SPF, no one wants to look like a lobster on the big day. Have each bridesmaid bring a recipe and ingredients for their favorite drink and do a tasting! Try orange creamsicles, bloody marys, alcoholic ice cream floats or spiked lavender lemonade. Wrap it up by relaxing on the beach or grab a yoga instructor to do a class on the beach at dusk.


Las Vegas

Is this too cliché? Not if you don’t want it to be! Vegas is the ultimate location for that quintessential bachelorette party experience. There are tons of hotels that offer special packages for the group of maids and the bride. While you’re there, it’s almost a rite of passage to go to a Chippendales Show. Why not take a pole dancing class, too! It burns tons of calories and teaches you some sultry moves. The night life in Vegas is something you can’t miss. Don those LBD’s and your highest pair of heels and hit the clubs to dance the night away.

Cooking Class

Cooking Class

If you don’t want to make the girls commit to a full weekend, try a cooking class for the night. Get together first to have some apps and wine then make your way over to the demo kitchen. Or hire a cook to come into your own house and teach you the tricks of the trade. Girls bond most over great food, right? Okay, maybe that’s just me… I love food.


Scrapbooking Night

If the whole gang of maids has been friends for a while have them bring over their favorite pics from over the years. When they get to the house, have one book and many pages with all of the scrapbooking thingies you can find! Each maid creates a few pages, and then compile them all into the book.  This is such a great way to reminisce on all the great times you’ve shared together. And, it’s a really sentimental keepsake for the bride. If I had to put my personal twist on it, I’d add wine and finger foods. I feel like you guys are learning a lot about me from this post.

These are just a few ideas. I have so many more swirling around in my head, there is bound to be a part 2. Are any of these striking your fancy? Or have you been to any parties like this already? Let me know in the comments!

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Daisy Clayton March 27, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Hiya could you please try and find out or remember what website/ holiday agency you found your glamping photo, I’m trying so hard to find it online and have been searching for weeks as would LOVE to go there for a holiday and would mean the world to me if I could find the information and book it up. So finally decided to message you, would appreciate it so much if you came back to me, Daisy xx

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