Matrimonial Movie Madness: 10 Great Wedding Themed Movies

by Sarah Macdougall on May 3, 2013

See what I did there? Everyone loves alliteration. Thanks, high school English class!

Here’s the deal. At this VERY MOMENT, I’m sitting in the Starbucks below my apartment hijacking their WiFi and drinking my cool lime refresher (it’s no lie, it’s actually very refreshing) and I’m about to go watch, essentially, every chick flick on my shelf. I might even go to Redbox and make my wallet cry a little. Conveniently, the closest Redbox is at my grocery store, which also sells Ben & Jerry’s. It’s going to be a fantastic evening. Get excited, people.

Here’s my list of movies to get you in that wedding mood. If you’re nice, you won’t force your fiance to watch all of them, lest he go sprinting for the hills. If you want some of that hot cuddling action and he doesn’t want to watch a chick flick, you might consider a bribe (ahem… compromise).

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This movie is great because it’s hilarious, culturally saturated, and gives hope to all those “plain” girls that there really is some element of magic working in their lives. It gets better though, because the main character is actually not played by a size 4 blondie who is perpetually unlucky in love. Way more convincing.


2. The Wedding Date

Chick’s sister is getting married across the pond. Chick’s ex is the best man. Chick hires professional escort to make ex jealous. You can probably guess the rest, which is great, since it’s a chick flick, and they’re kind of known for that.


3. Bride Wars

This cinematic classic portrays the dangers of putting your wedding before your friendship and not learning how to communicate by the time you think you’re ready for such a big step. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway star, and they’re both pretty hilarious, in my professional* opinion.


*not really

4. Sweet Home Alabama

Oh, to be graced with such southern hospitality all the time. Reese Witherspoon is torn between the grand new life she’s created for herself and the old life she left behind. The title doesn’t give anything away. At all.


5. The Wedding Planner

This one actually kind of bothers me because of one small detail. Matthew McConaughey is a veterinarian, JLo is a wedding planner, they meet, and he’s eating M&Ms. He only eats the brown ones because “chocolate is already brown”, so he figures they use less chemicals. Science, amirite? There is one small caveat, however: they’re not coated in chocolate, ARE THEY MATT??? No. They’re not. They’re coated in candy. This is an issue for both my inner adult and my inner child. From an adult standpoint, it’s kind of a waste of money to get a thing of M&Ms and only devour 1/6 of them. From a child standpoint, you don’t not eat candy. That’s just not right. The rest of the movie isn’t bad though, if you can get past that.


6. Wedding Crashers

This one is more hilarious than romantic. The male species (and in a lot of cases, the female species as well) should be able to stomach this one more than a movie that focuses more on the female’s inner trials.


7. 27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl wants to please everyone all the time, and is always one-upped by her younger sister. It’s Katherine Heigl. She wears dresses and knows an insane number of people into theme weddings.


8. Clueless

This isn’t really about weddings, but there is a wedding in it, so it counts. Plus it’s awesome. If a male refuses to watch this, just tell him it has Paul Rudd and Donald Faison in it. If said male likes ska, inform male that the Mighty Mighty Bosstones make an appearance.


9. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Also not about a wedding, but very lovey dovey, featuring (yet again) Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. (Sidenote-I wish I could spell his name the same way I hear it in my head: Matthew McCOUGHCOUGHHey). She TOTALLY loses the guy.


10. While You Were Sleeping

Featuring the illustrious Sandra Bullock torn between two brothers. One of them gets run over by a subway, making the choice a lot easier. Just kidding. There is a subway involved though. This one is good for winter, as there is some Christmas involved, if memory serves.



What are your favorite romantic movies?

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