The Sexy Honeymoon Packing List!

by jaime on May 6, 2013


Planning a wedding can be beautiful, stressful, expensive and memorable all rolled into one. You put so much thought into the flowers that will be on the alter, the hors d’oeuvres that will accompany the happy hour and the lace trim on your veil that the honeymoon becomes kind of an afterthought. But it certainly shouldn’t be, it’s just as important as your wedding and will be your first chance to truly be with your new husband and relax after months of preparation.

Sure, you’ve booked your honeymoon vacation spot and your flights, but you still have to pack your bags, which can be kind of an oversight when you’re running around the last few days before the wedding. You may not be planning on wearing much, but you still need to strategically plan what’s going to go in your suitcase and I’m not talking about sunscreen–it’s time to put all those bachelorette presents to use!

Use this packing guide as your road map to lots of fun, adventurous honeymoon sex, because that’s what it’s all about, right? Be sure to bring the following items for an amazing experience!

couple with suitcase  going to travelContraception: Obviously! You may have just put a ring on it, but it unlikely that you want to immediately pop out a child, so make sure you bring whatever form of contraception you regularly use. If not condoms, consider bringing them as back up. You never know when you’re going to need ’em.

Lube: Lube is a great sexual aid all of the time, but will especially come in handy during a week full of sex. No matter how much you may want to have sex, your lady parts might be a little over it after a few days of repeated use. Make sex comfortable and twice the fun with a little lube. Purchase a new, sealed bottle for the trip and then back it separately in a plastic bag to avoid any spillage.

Massage Oils: You undoubtedly received some of these at your bachelorette party, so be sure to pack them with you. Massage oils and body paint can be a really fun way for the two of you to be intimate while you’re taking a break or need a little time between rounds. Help each other relax and be close all at the same time.

Cock Ring: Hopefully that one friend that knows what’s up threw one of these in a gift bag for you, if not, head to your nearest adult store or online shop like and pick one up. These nifty little vibrating rings are super easy to travel with and can truly turn up the fun in your bedroom. Cock rings can vibrate the two of you to orgasm, while also helping your man stay harder for longer. Who doesn’t want that!?

Bondage-y Fun: You may not be into the whips and chains that Fifty Shades of Grey touted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the restraint game. Pack some fuzzy handcuffs or bondage tape and see what kind of positions the two of you can force yourselves into. You may find that the element of control is a major turn on.

Lingerie: This one is pretty obvious, but is just as important as the rest. Be sure to dazzle your new hubs and show off all the hard work you did to get in shape for the wedding by donning some sexy lingerie all throughout the week.

Discrete Toys: Finally, you may have been thinking about packing a vibrator, but were afraid of traveling through TSA with something so obvious. Put your fears aside and pick up a few discrete toys. Discrete toys are vibrators that look like something completely non-sexual, like make up or a rubber duck. These every day items can slip by completely undetected and are just as fun as their phallic shaped friends.

Still worried about the little things like outfits and bug spray? Check out a complete packing list here, but really… this is the only one you need!

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