Stress Less in the Dress: Tips for Brides to Stay Sane

by Sarah Macdougall on May 14, 2013

how to stress less in the dress - tips for your wedding day

I’m into rhymes lately. I hope that’s okay with you.

There’s a ton of thought that goes into planning a wedding. More than I know. I have had the privilege of working with several couples assisting them in their paper needs, and I believe some things translate to every aspect of matrimonial planning.

One of the first couples I worked with didn’t have their colors picked out. I was put on the spot when they asked what my opinion was. I think it’s also important to note that this was in my early retail days (now in my past, thank heavens) and I had not yet sold my soul for corporate corruption. Money was not my main focus. Making people happy was (and in my personal endeavors, this definitely still stands). Basically, this couple was fretting over every single aspect of their invitations, and of course, agreeing on practically nothing.


I really like envelope liners. I think they look pretty nifty. But the truth is, not a lot of people care. They go in the envelope, and the envelope gets thrown away, and if someone you invite decides not to come because the invitation lacked a liner, you need new friends. I told this to the couple and it really put things in perspective for them (although didn’t provide said retail store with any additional profit).

I think the same can be said for other aspects as well. Something you might consider asking yourself is that if you were a guest, would you care? If the answer is no, don’t break your back trying to micromanage. That’s not to discount the importance of considering your options. Obviously, a lot of people have a certain vision they would like to stick closely to, and that’s perfectly ok, as an event should always look nice. Just try not to lose sleep over whether the linens are the exact same shade as the invitations. Frankly, as a guest, I’d be more concerned with the length of the ceremony so that my butt wouldn’t start to hurt from sitting so long.

So relax. Enjoy your day. You’re marrying your favorite person. If this is accomplished at the end of the day, then your wedding was a success.

– Sarah of Gigi & Poocha

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