Dear Brides Magazine, Please Don’t Feed The Models

by Sarah Macdougall on May 28, 2013

brides-magazine-winter-2013-cover-412I’m in Dallas, TX for Memorial Day weekend, and for the flight, I decided to pick up a copy of Brides magazine. I like pretty dresses as much as the next girl, and market research is kind of important, so I figured, why not? I’ll see what the trends are.

But I got a little distracted. First of all, there was a child in front of me and her parents could not console her. This was for two hours. Thankfully, I had earplugs. Second of all, the models in the magazine? Not convincing.


I KNOW. They’re models, Sarah, they’re not real people! I get it. We can’t all be towering amazons who weigh 80 pounds. But VERY FEW of them were smiling. In fact, very few of them looked even remotely happy. And again, I get it. It’s the model pout, whatever. But this is a wedding magazine. A wedding (WED-ding, n.) is supposed to be a happy, joyous occasion. The faces I saw on these stick figures weren’t so much “I Do” faces so much as “You &*$%ing BETTER” faces. Terrifying. Sidenote: if I were the lucky guy to marry one of these models, I would lose my patience SO quickly. I would probably worry that they would try and stage all the photos, and it would also concern me that they’d posed for wedding photos several times over, and might just be bored.

One ad was for a place that had sizes for EVERYONE. Good stuff, right? There were four models in this picture. Three of them were tiny, one of them was plus size. They were all gorgeous, and played the role of “super happy bridesmaid” convincingly (which means they were holding hands and skipping through daisies). While the sentiment was good, I thought there were more than two body types. Maybe I’m crazy.

Perhaps my expectations are too high, but I feel like if I had to plan a wedding, the last thing I would want to see would be a bunch of stick thin models looking pissed off. I want to see real people, wearing real clothes, because that’s who gets married.

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Courtney May 28, 2013 at 11:14 am

I agree! It is so annoying to see photos of impossibly gorgeous women who don’t seem happy to be in a dress. I remember trying on my wedding dress- the one I decided on- and feeling this amazing joy wash over me. It’s impossible not to smile when I even think about it! I’d love to see a bridal magazine that celebrates real women and real bridal parties. It drives me crazy to see a group of bridesmaids who all have the same waist line. My ladies are all different shapes and sizes- but I didn’t choose them based on body type, I chose them because they are the women in my life I celebrate most of all!

There’s a lot of pressure to feel beautiful as a bride. But I’d rather feel real, and I’d rather feel genuine happiness. That’s why I won’t be starving myself in the two weeks before the wedding, or fretting if my dress is a little wrinkled, or if it rains.

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