For the Wedding Day: advice from brides who’ve been there

by jaime on June 4, 2013


I have a handful of friends who have gotten married recently, and I wanted to ask some of them four simple questions about their wedding… especially with mine coming up so soon (five days, guys. FIVE DAYS!). My friend Ana had some great answers after her wedding to Duncan, and I’m so excited to share them with you.

1. What was the most amazing moment? My most amazing moment is going to sound pretty cliché, but wow is it amazing. It was seeing Duncan waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Nothing else mattered at that point.

2. What would you do differently? I would have taken more pictures. They say that the memories in your head are most important, but I wish I had gotten better pictures with people like my grandmother and my uncle who traveled quite a distance . With more of my friends who were there from all corners of the country and world. I also felt like I didn’t talk to everyone there or had enough time to do so, but I feel like I hear this from most brides.


3. Did you freak out about anything on the wedding day? How did it turn out? I was pretty calm most of the day, but when I got into my dress and was ready to go, I felt it finally sink in. As that happened, the nerves started emerging and I realized that the limo hadn’t shown up yet. The limo driver had misunderstood my dad and wrote the address down wrong. So he was all the way North and West , and it was raining. So needless to say the limo was late.. On top of that it was not nearly big enough to carry us in. We got in but definitely wished I had been more proactive on that part. It all turned out just fine, but definitely wished I had cared more about it. It was the last thing on my list of to-do’s and it clearly was evident to me and no one else.

4. What advice would you give about the wedding day? Enjoy yourself to the max, and this is definitely advice I’ve heard from other folks : “this is probably the only time that you will have THIS group of people in the same room, ever. Stop, look at everything, look at the people who are there to support you, take a deep breath, look at your husband and just take it in.” If something doesn’t go the way you planned it, then it just didn’t go that way and you just have to brush it off and make the best of it. It probably will make for a good story later.

Know a bride who has a great story from her wedding day? Shoot me an email and we’ll get her on the site!


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