MORE advice from brides who’ve been there

by jaime on June 5, 2013

Wedding advice from brides who have been married!

More bride tips!

1. What was the most amazing moment? Let me start by saying that both of us were convinced that nothing would change when we got married. That sounds crazy, right?! Getting married is quite possibly the biggest decision you make in your life! But really–we had been living together for over a year, we had joined our bank accounts, and we had already been completely integrated into each others families. We thought our wedding day wasn’t going to be a big deal. We looked at it as more of a formality. Boy, was I wrong!
I have to say the most overwhelming moment for me was our vows. We made the decision to write our own. Though we try our best to express our feelings to each other, I felt like I was hearing his true feelings for the very first time. (Cheesy, I know!) The only thing more difficult than trying not to cry through his vows was trying to make it through my own without choking up! I wasn’t exactly successful in that endeavor, but sharing my feelings for him in front of God and all the people we love was really remarkable.

2. What would you do differently? I always wanted to have a destination wedding. I actually still want to have a destination wedding! (Can you say vow renewal?) While watching my sister tediously plan her wedding years ago, I decided that I didn’t ever want to have to go through all the stress. I knew that the best solution would be to invite only the people closest to us to a small, private, romantic wedding ceremony. My mom and my sister were devastated that I would consider getting married without everyone present. They feared that certain family members would be offended that they weren’t invited or that those who wanted to be there wouldn’t be able to make the trip. I thought that we could have a big ceremony once we got home to remedy the problem. I ended up giving in to my mom and sister’s wishes. I got married locally. Looking back now, I am glad I did. Having all our favorite people around on our special day was more important than I ever would have guessed.

3. Did you freak out about anything on the wedding day? How did it turn out? HA! To make a long story short: YES! But I know you want to know the long story!: I went to my hair appointment the morning of our big day. I showed my stylist a photo of exactly what I wanted, a low bun with curls. She turned me around, styling my hair with my back to the mirror so my bridal do would be a big surprise. She turned me around after she had finished and I wanted to burst into tears! My hair was pulled back into a large cone coming off the back of my head and was completed with a rather large, yet flimsy “bump” in front. It was HIDEOUS! I told the stylist that I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my hair and she told me that I just “needed to get used to it, that’s all!” I sat in the corner of the salon with my bad hair as my entire bridal party and my mother got their hair done. I tried everything to try to fix the do myself. It just wasn’t going to happen. I finally told the stylist that I wanted her to redo my hair and she actually chastised me for it! She told me that in her 20+ years of doing hair, she had never had a single client complain about her work and that it was going to take her sooo much time to fix the problem. I was beside myself. Can you imagine looking at your wedding photos and being mortified by the way you looked? I finally got her to modify the do. It never ended up looking like the picture, but I was so relieved to have the cone and the bump gone that I didn’t even care!

4. What advice would you give about the wedding day? A wedding is one day…a marriage lasts a lifetime. People take so much time and effort to plan a wedding. We took two years to plan our wedding that only lasted a matter of hours. Take a step back to enjoy the time you have together on your wedding day, because it really does pass by too quickly. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

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