Advice from brides who’ve been there: Joyce from The Alchemy Shop

by jaime on June 7, 2013

Joyce and Patrick are the cutest couple, and I’m so lucky to call Joyce a friend of mine! She was also kind enough to answer our four little questions, keeping with the theme of the week. Big thanks to her for her time – make sure to head over to her site, The Alchemy Shop, for all your adorable dressing/accessorizing needs!

new bride joyce's advice for brides-to-be

1. What was the most amazing moment? When it was all over and we were actually married. Our relationship was 100% solid going into the wedding, but the idea of marriage (not marriage to him, just ‘marriage’) always made me a bit nervous because it is such a big step. But when the ceremony was over, all the nervousness washed away and it just felt so good. One thing I will tell bride-to-bes, based on my own experience, is that for me, my relationship with Patrick doesn’t feel any different. But everyday I just feel elated and wake up incredibly happy to have him as my husband. You are going to love it!

2. What would you do differently? I would have picked a different hotel. It was an amazing vacation spot, but I had reservations about how problem solving their staff could be even before I got there. Unfortunately, after speaking with more senior staff, they had assured me that everyone would be fine and I decided to not switch hotels. Of course then, we had a major problem on my actual wedding day. Although the rest of our time there was nice, because our wedding day was affected, my husband and I always have that cloud over our head, not when thinking about the wedding, but when thinking about that hotel. It’s not something you expect when you pay for a hotel that charges as much as they did. Actually, I think they might have been the most expensive hotel on the entire island.

3. Did you freak out about anything on the wedding day? How did it turn out? The hotel had an unexpected power outage the day of my wedding right when I was suppose to get my hair and makeup done. After 90 minutes of telling me that it was going to come back on any minute I had to problem solve the situation myself and have them execute for me since we were 90 minutes late doing our hair, makeup, pressing clothing, etc. My makeup and hair didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted due to the lack of electricity, we were sweaty the entire time and I ended up getting ready in a women’s locker room under incredibly bad lighting, so all that and the stress from the lack of problem solving from the hotel was a bit upsetting and not how you want to go into your wedding ceremony.

4. What advice would you give me (or, you know, those other people getting married) about the wedding day? Hire a wedding planner. I went with Iben of and she was a dream. We didn’t have to take care of anything and felt zero stress, that is, until the hotel lost power, lol. I get that some people want to make their own favors, shop for flowers, etc. I’m not one of them. I loved that I was able to tell Iben what I wanted and magically it would happen. Oh, you want to come in on a unicorn sliding down a rainbow? Sure! OK, so maybe my requests weren’t that demanding, but you get the gist. Actually, I ended up feeling so comfortable with her decisions that a week before the wedding I let her choose my wedding dress. I had purchased three options and couldn’t figure out which one to wear, so I just her decide. And the funny part is, because I live in NYC and she lives in Hawaii, all of the planning was done over email and phone. We didn’t even meet in person till I got to my ceremony. Talk about organized!

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