Delicious Alternatives to Cake

by Sarah Macdougall on June 17, 2013


(Jaime’s note: I know, I know – this post is about NOT having cake. But I really wanted to add my cake to the post because it was delicious and beautiful. Sue me.)

So I’m at my grandma’s house with my family to celebrate Father’s Day. We just had a delicious pie and everyone else is watching golf. I’m not, because I’m cool. Anyway, it got me thinking about what people could eat instead of cake. I love cake, but I love the cheap stuff: funfetti, buttercream, what have you. Not a huge fondant fan, and not a fan of needing to use a jackhammer to tear a piece off. And yes, I know, if the cake is well made, this won’t be necessary. Got it. But still. Here are some alternatives for those of you who aren’t all that big on cake!

1. Pie

The pie I just had was a creamy chocolate turtle pie and it was delicious and I’m going to go run like, 40 miles so I don’t feel like a disgusting slob. BUT. Slob feeling aside, it was delicious, and that’s all that matters. Obviously, you can choose any pie you want. Not everyone likes chocolate. Sometimes, you just can’t fix crazy.

2. Cupcakes

These are little and manageable and cute. Good if you like cake but don’t want a HUGE cake.

3. Cake Pops

I think the concept of these is awesome. If something is on my plate, and I’m not about to bust my seams, I’ll just eat it, because it’s there. Which isn’t the best habit. But these things are like, two bites! And then they’re gone! And they’re cute! And don’t require silverware! And they taste good! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.

4. Pizza

I’m throwing this in here because I think it’d be SUPER COOL to have a really laid back wedding where instead of serving things like “minted lamb with a cherry glaze” (whatever that is), we just eat all the food I like (macaroni and cheese, Chinese takeout, etc). I think it’d be classy in the least classy way possible to get a cake tower and set pizzas on there. Leaning Tower of Pizza. It’s perfect.

5. Styrofoam

OK, so this is partly because I’m starting to run out of ideas, but also partly because I think styrofoam would probably actually taste better than some cakes I’ve had. Just saying.

What do you think is a fantastic alternative to cake?

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