Gifts for the Groom

by Sarah Macdougall on June 30, 2013

OK, so I know what some of you are thinking: “We’re getting married, he’s getting the biggest prize of all! MEEE!!!” And while you are all very special people, it might be nice to get him something he will actually use (That was a joke, simmer down, he gets to use you for the rest of his life and vice versa, we got it). That said, sometimes guys can be kind of a pain to shop for. They think they’re all straightforward and simple but to me, that’s what makes it hard. To aid in my quest, I asked for the professional opinions of a few guy friends.

1. Get Your Groom to Groom

The Art of Shaving is so awesome. They sell all kinds of state of the art shaving kits and old school shaving accessories. Furthermore, last time I went in one, she demonstrated on my hand, and my hand has NEVER been so smooth. Or smelled so nice.


2. A Subscription to MAKE

This has been described to me as the modern day “Popular Science”. And it looks pretty cool. If your dude likes gadgets, this is a win. And maybe I just hang out with a special breed of male, but in my experience, most guys I know would like this.


3. Man Stuff

One friend, in his infinite wisdom, didn’t list anything specific, but said “probably anything related to grilling, sports, or beer”. He added that “if it’s a girly guy, then you’re good to go with pretty much anything you’d get the bride.” I’m not sure he understood the assignment, but maybe some of you will find this helpful.


4. James Bond Box Set

Maybe I’m just digging into the guy part of my brain here, because I would love something like this, but I would think guys would too.


Generally, most guys I know prefer to receive gifts they will enjoy time and time again. Men and women think differently. Personally, I tend to attach memories to objects. If I’m given a piece of jewelry, it’s more than a piece of jewelry to me, it’s a piece of jewelry filled with sentiment and emotion. The majority of males I interact with don’t think like this at ALL. So instead of fretting over the perfect set of customized whatevers, and hoping he’ll understand the symbolism behind the gift, it might behoove you to go with something you know he actually wants.


Jordan June 30, 2013 at 2:01 pm

I’m getting married in 13 days so this list comes at a perfect time. Thank you! Here’s another thing you can add to your list. The man bouquet. My groom has already said this is what he would like for our next anniversary. He’s one of those guys that always says he doesn’t want anything no matter how many times you ask him. For you ladies that haven’t seen the man bouquet it’s more like a gift basket filled with mini bottles of his favorite liquor and his favorite snacks. I’ve also seen a tutorial on Pinterest on how to make a bacon flower that you could add as well.

Melissa June 30, 2013 at 3:32 pm

For my husband, I got him a certain job of hunting gun that he’d been eyeing up for forever!! We both hunt together so it was the perfect gift for him and as a bonus I got to bond with my dad and brother as we shopped for it because they’re more knowledgable about that than I am! The guys in the sporting goods store said I already won the wife of the year award because they’d never had a bride buy a muzzle loader gun for their husband to be and they all loved the idea!!

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