Military Inspired Weddings

by Sarah Macdougall on July 15, 2013

So my coworker recently “suggested” (read: forced) me to create an OKCupid account so she can be entertained by my tales of being back in the dating scene. Something I’ve noticed is a lot of people coming back from or heading out to the military. While this isn’t my thing, I understand the importance of being a part of it to those who are. Since it hasn’t been too long since the 4th of July, and because apparently the red/white/blue combo is the new black, here are some ideas for military inspired weddings for those of you holding down the fort on the home front and getting frustrated with KP.


 I don’t care what my situation is, I WANT SWORDS.


I love how the cake matches the dress uniform.


A more retro take on cake.



I love the idea of having a layer of metallic gold paper.


These would make awesome favors. They could double as name tags. Made by Ancypants on Etsy.
(I’m thinking regular tent placecards with some baker’s twine attaching the tag to the card via a small hole. But that’s just me.)

Are you having a military-inspired wedding?

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kate August 15, 2013 at 5:36 am

I ama getting married next year, my Fiance is a Captain in the British Army! :)

Its exciting because we get the Sword tunnel, however its difficult to plan! as at heart we are country people, but there is a certian type of Ettiquate that we need to stick to all because its Military! its a nightmare! Dont get me wrong the posh uniforms and gleaming medals are awesome (not to mention making the lads look dashingly handsome) but i wanted to keep it real, keep it simple and keep in colourful… i have had to compromise and keep it classey… with just the odd few splashes of “common person” Ah well at least my pictures will look nice?! :)

PS: love you blog

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