Six must-haves for your honeymoon beach bag!

by jaime on July 30, 2013

honeymoon beach bag must-haves - great for wedding planning!

While not all of us got to go on our honeymoon right after the wedding, those who are planning it need to take extra care in the packing process – after all, you’re preparing for two big events! While you’re getting the beach bag ready (may I recommend one from Be You Fashion? I love these bags!), keep these items in mind – you’re going to want them when you get to your sandy destination. And no, I didn’t include your swimsuit. Let’s hope you remember that one on your own!

1. The Wet Brush: Don’t torture your hair! This brush helps detangle without tugging or tearing – I use mine in the shower, and it’s absolutely coming with me on my honeymoon. Plus, it’s under $10, so it won’t break the bank.

2. A high SPF lip balm: Sort of obvious, but people often overlook the importance of a great SPF for their lips. Check out COOLA’s lipbalm, or just head to your local drugstore and grab some of the Nivea lipbalm. But check the SPF – you need 15 or above!

3. Sunscreen: Spray or lotion, it doesn’t matter as long as it can hold up through the sand, sun and waves. This is a non-negotiable addition to your bag, because who wants skin cancer? That’s right – no one.

4. Sunglasses: I’ve been rocking my pair of Wayfarers for a while now, but I recommend taking a backup pair of sunglasses with you on your trip – a pair that you won’t be heartbroken over if you lost them. I like the customizable aspect of Knockarounds, and they’re all under $30!

5. A perfect cover-up: Some like a sarong, others prefer a flowing dress. Whatever your preference, make sure to throw it in the bag! I love this cover-up from Ted Baker – it’s so bright and tropical!

6. A great book!: Check out the list of honeymoon reads that I recommended a while back – there are tons of great options, especially if you’re like me and don’t own a Kindle/tablet. I’m all about the paperbacks, ladies!

What must-haves are you packing in your beach bag?


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