How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

by jaime on August 1, 2013

tips on crafting the perfect engagement ring - girls, show this to your boyfriend before he proposes!

When selecting an engagement ring, it’s important to consider the quality of the ring (particularly the diamond) and to choose a ring that matches the bride-to-be’s personality and suits her sense of style. Whether you go with the traditional “two-month salary” rule or opt to spend your entire savings on a more flamboyant piece, it’s imperative that you pick a ring you both will cherish. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you through the engagement ring selection process.

Determine Her Jewelry Style

Since your future wife will be wearing her engagement ring for the rest of her life, it’s important to get a sense of her jewelry style before you begin ring shopping. Start by getting a gauge of the type of metal she usually wears and if she’s into elaborate jewelry or prefers simple, classic pieces and if she’s fond of a particular gem or cut of diamond. Remember to keep the wedding band in mind as it will be part of her wedding ring set. You may want to go with a more subdued piece that would pair well with any wedding band if you feel she’d most likely wear her wedding band and engagement ring as a set or opt for something more glamorous if you think she’d be more likely to wear the engagement ring alone, or if the wedding band is just a traditional piece.

Pick Your Stone and Setting

Recent engagement ring trends suggest that modern brides are moving away from traditional engagement rings and going for more uncommon, unique styles. Colorful diamonds and gems, distinct designs like the double halo, and vintage settings are a few of the popular alternatives to the classic ring style. If you don’t want to go for the traditional white diamond, choose a jewel that’s meaningful to you as a couple. For instance, you may want to use a family heirloom or your future spouse’s birthstone. Again, make sure that whatever stone you pick pairs well with your setting and the metal you choose for your band.

Contemplate the Cut

After choosing your stone and setting, you must decide on the cut of the gem or jewels that will adorn your engagement ring. For the more traditional, custom-oriented bride, a classic cut like the sophisticated, elegant pear cut or the classy cushion cut may be fitting. It you’re future wife is more inclined to follow trends and likes bolder pieces of jewelry, then consider a more ornate style, such as a glitzy round cut or the squared princess cut.

Consider Unique Customizations

Once you’ve found the right stone and determined the cut and setting design, you can customize the ring with intricate details of your choosing. From adding diamonds to the band to etching messages in the interior of the ring, you can easily create your ideal engagement ring with assistance from 77 Diamonds. Much like picking out the perfect stone, choosing extras for your ring is crucial to the outcome of the engagement ring and accompanying wedding band. Because of the numerous options available, you can determine just about every aspect of your engagement ring, making it a breeze to craft the perfect ring.

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