Vendor Interview: Surprise the Bride Custom Wedding Songs

by jaime on August 27, 2013

The Excited Bride is a must-have resource for contemporary brides.  I’m a huge fan of Jaime’s and she was kind enough to share my latest project: Surprise the Bride.


Surprise the Bride is a unique wedding idea for unconventional brides and grooms. Addi writes Jason Mraz-style wedding songs on the ukulele, 100% personalized for the couple-to-be.


1. What inspired Surprise the Bride?

A good friend of mine was getting married and I wanted to give her a unique gift to remember her wedding day. I secretly voice-memo’d her responses over lunch to “What did you think when you first saw him? When did you know he was the one?” I emailed her fiancé for his answers to the same questions, and using their responses I wrote a song on the ukulele, performed it at the wedding and luckily no tomatoes were thrown J In fact, the responses were so positive that it led to writing a few more, and a year later it’s a full time job.


2. How does it work?

I craft every song like I would send it to a record label. Using a thoughtful questionnaire, I really get to know the couple, their vision, style, and personality so I can create a song that captures who they are.  The couples fill out questionnaires and send them back to me. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to write. The fun part is there are lots of neat options for sharing the song on the big day. During the best man’s speech, first dance, in an original music video, as a gift for guests or bridal party, are just a few of my favorites.

3. What advice would you give brides (and grooms) who want a personalized wedding song?

The best and only advice I have is to be 100% yourselves when answering your questionnaires. I am always so moved by the responses from couples (I usually tear up at least once when reading them) and the most honest answers always produce the best songs. The point is to celebrate the individuals that are joining forces, and I feel so lucky to be able to creatively contribute to that.

proof that we are soulmates

4. What were you doing before writing wedding songs?

I grew up writing and performing. With 3 younger siblings it was easy to put on productions of Disney musicals in the living room. Now with over 10 years of professional singing/recording experience, I feel so lucky to have performed at places like Lincoln Center, Joe’s Pub, Birdland, Rockwood Music Hall, The Boston Tree Lighting ceremony, Broadway on Broadway in Times Sq, among others. I made my NYC debut playing the lead in The Fantasticks currently running Off-Broadway, which is where I believe I caught the “love bug”. One of the most quintessential love stories of all time, The Fantasticks brings people back to a moment of purity, when love and life were simple. After speaking with countless couples after the show, I found that I really loved love stories: the nuances, details and timing of how people meet each other…it’s endlessly inspiring.

5. Where can we find more about you and your work?

I love hearing from cool people, please visit and feel free to check out my work, say hello, or share you story!

addiAbout Addi: A NY-based songwriter and actress, Addi made her NYC debut playing the lead in The Fantasticks currently running Off-Broadway. She made her on-camera debut starring in a short film that aired on the People’s Choice Awards. She has performed live at Lincoln Center, Joe’s Pub, Birdland, Rockwood Music Hall, Boston Tree Lighting ceremony, Broadway on Broadway in Times Sq, Broadway in Bryant Park, among others. She has received rave reviews by the LA Times, Washington Post, Opera News, BroadwayWorld.

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