Sponsored Post: Why you should visit Aruba for your honeymoon!

by jaime on September 10, 2013

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Windsurfing in Aruba - a must for your honeymoon!

Cam and I still haven’t been able to go on our honeymoon yet (this is what you get for starting a new job and buying a house so shortly after getting married, guys. Pace yourselves better than I did!), but while we’re waiting till winter, many new couples are hitting the beach now. One of the places at the top of our list?


Why Aruba? Here are my top reasons:

1. Easy access. Unlike many tropical islands, Aruba has a pretty robust bus and taxi service to help you get where you need to go. And many resorts also have quality shuttles that will take you to and from your excursions. Plus, driving is on the right side, and many people rent a car – Aruba accepts international drivers licenses, which makes the process easy.

2. The beaches. Duh! Part of the reason so many people choose Aruba travel is because of their gorgeous, turquoise water and beautiful beaches. There are many areas to seek shelter from the sun (though the breeze helps keep you cool, too), as well as tons of water activities to do. I’ve always wanted to try parasailing and snorkling, but you could choose waterskiing, tubing, banana-boating or much more.

3. The food! World-class chefs. International cuisine. Amazing caribbean food. All of these and more can be found along the high-rise strip in Aruba, so there’s literally something for everyone. I really want to try out the Flying Fishbone, where you can have your fine dining experience directly on the beach. Really!

Whatever you’re looking for, Aruba has it… including gorgeous sunsets!

Are you thinking about Aruba for your honeymoon? Tell me why in the comments below!



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