Sponsored Post: How to avoid Allergy Face on your wedding day

by jaime on September 11, 2013

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Let’s face it: allergies do a number on your appearance. I deal with allergies almost year round, but they get really bad in spring and fall, which was one of the reasons we planned a wedding in June. But I didn’t escape the sneeze fests, and needed something to help me make it through the pollen-filled Michigan air.

Zyrtec is what I took while I was getting ready for my big day. And on your wedding day, the last thing you want is do deal with the dreaded Allergy Face. Luckily, Zyrtec is here to rescue you! Taking Zyrtec helps you feel better, and they’ve compiled some great tools, from the video above (which I just love!) to the infographic you see below on how to look better, too!

I wasn’t aware that you could keep blush for a full year – I’ve never had one make it that long without breaking! But there are some really good points raised here, and when it comes to looking your best, especially on a day as important as your wedding, you need to make sure that you take all the precautions you can – no one wants to look back at their wedding photos and see rashy skin or puffy eyes (though sometimes you can’t help the puffy eyes. Who DOESN’T cry at weddings?!?!) due to allergies.

Protect yourself with Zyrtec! Check out Zyrtec on Facebook and learn more about the best ways to look amazing on your wedding day, even when you’re dealing with allergies!

What are your tips and ttricks for looking great and avoiding Allergy Face? Share them in the comments to spread the love!



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