How to save money while planning your wedding

by jaime on September 24, 2013

how to save money on a wedding

There are few things that I like talking about less than financial stuff – and I’m not alone. Money issues are one of the leading causes of arguments in marriages and even can become a huge catalyst for divorce.

You know you have to talk about it. And you know you need to be smart about your money when it comes to planning a wedding, but maybe you don’t know where to start. So, for those of you out there, here are a few tips for saving money (and being smart with your budget!) when it comes to planning the wedding.

1. Don’t go deep into debt for the wedding day. If you don’t have the cash to cover the wedding, and you can’t get money from family, racking up some deep credit card bills may sound tempting. Avoid the temptation, and look for ways to cut costs without sacrificing your dream day. But remember, it is just one day!

2. Ask your vendors for discounts. You may not always get the answer you want to hear, but it never hurts to ask – people in the wedding industry understand how much competition they’re up against, and they know what prices are competitive.

3. Schedule your wedding on an “off” day. Saturdays are, by far, the most expensive day to get married. Everyone wants to plan their weddings then, so venues and vendors can charge more. Cam and I selected to get married on a Sunday, and that saved us over $1,000 in venue alone! Fridays are also becoming very popular choices, too!

4. Eliminate some high-ticket unnecessary items. Fancy hangers are cute, and who doesn’t love having a gigantic ice cream buffet? There are things you need to have at your wedding, and things that are wants – look at the list of costs as if it weren’t your wedding, and categorize things in the following areas: “need to have,” “nice to have,” and “I’ll live without it.” Then start from the bottom and eliminate the unimportant things.

5. Cut down the guest list. I know that your mother said that your second cousin’s ex-wife needs to come. And that’s fine… if she’s helping foot the bill. But you and your soon-to-be husband have to have final say on the guest list, and this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate high costs.

6. Buy a preowned dress. I did it. My sister did it. Tons of brides do it, and you can too! Check out my post about the top places to shop for preowned wedding dresses and my tips for buying a preowned wedding dress online.

How are you saving money on your big day? Check out these tips from newlyweds and see how they’re doing it!


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Angela R September 24, 2013 at 2:17 pm

YES to #4.

When we had our wedding (11 years ago now!), we decided to figure out what mattered most to us FIRST. Figuring out where you want to spend your money most will help determine what’s essential and what’s not. In the end, we decided photography mattered and a nice honeymoon mattered. We also didn’t want to limit the guest list, so we went for a “dessert only reception.” In my circle of friends this seems to be a popular choice – and a smart one for those on a budget.

Also, if you are a member of a church, make sure to consider that for a venue! I want to say we paid a whopping $300 for the ceremony & reception to be held at the church we were members of. Not bad.

Nice post, Jaime! :)

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