Wedding Invitations – What are you paying for?

by Sarah Macdougall on October 21, 2013

Most weddings have one common element: stationery. This is very near and dear to my heart, since if I had it my way, I would spend ALL DAY looking at paper. Sparkly paper. Textured paper. Thick paper. Thin paper. Papery paper. I love the stuff.

wedding invitations - what are you paying for?

With companies like VistaPrint rising in popularity however, along with the surge of DIY, some people don’t really realize how expensive paper can be, or what exactly they’re paying for. So let’s clear that up!

1. Design

If you’re getting something custom designed, you’ll pay a custom design price. You might see prints online for under a dollar per piece, but keep in mind that these are larger companies and the designs are usually not as easily customized.

2. Paper

Some paper is more expensive than other paper. This has to do with the weight of the paper (thickness), the color, the sheen (is it metallic or matte? This matters), the size, etc. If you’re getting a wedding invitation that has layers involved, this will raise the paper cost.

3. Printing and Finishing

Some printing processes are more expensive than others, but to keep things simple, I’ll just explain that when you order printing from a company or even a lot of smaller independent businesses, they aren’t just firing up their desktop laser printer and making it go. The printers used in the printing process are huge and suitable for commercial jobs, and this costs money. After the printing is done, there will likely be additional work, such as cutting the paper down or shrink wrapping the finished product.

4. Assembly

Sometimes, the company you order your stationery from will do any assembly necessary (mounting the invitation on a pocket card, for example). A lot of larger companies won’t do this, and will instead send glue dots with the elements. For companies who DO do this, however, it takes time, and time is often money.

Hopefully this list will help you manage your expectations for what you can get on your budget!

– Sarah at SMAC Paper


Trendy party invitations wholesales October 24, 2013 at 11:20 pm

Great post Sarah. I totally agree with your tips. The quality and design matters a lot but with these two things price or budget also matters. I got my unique design wedding invitations in a very reasonable price. Anyway, your tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Yogesh February 24, 2015 at 3:26 am

Nicely explained and cleared all doubts about wedding invitations expanses. Thank you for this useful post. I think Paper and Printing are two different factors for which we have to pay most and even both the factors make the perfect to a wedding invitation.

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