Fight Club Wedding Inspiration

by Sarah Macdougall on October 25, 2013

I recently watched Fight Club again. It was, as always, a good decision. The other day I was sitting around at work, thinking about Halloween, possible wedding ideas for new blog posts, and things I’ve done recently, and it all came together in the form of what one could do for a Fight Club themed wedding.

(Um. I mean, the other day I was sitting at work thinking about work, and then I went home and thought about all that other stuff. Yeah.)

ANYWAY. Here are some ideas for a Fight Club themed wedding. Some (all?) of them are completely ridiculous.

1. Soap Favors 

I just think it’d be cool to get soap favors made that maybe said your names or the date or something in the same style as the soap on the movie poster.

2. Movie Poster Invites

Pretty self explanatory. You. Your sig other. Photographed in the style of that poster. Possibly edited by someone super professional.

3. Marry Someone Named Jack

This is why I can’t do this theme. My dream has been to marry Michael Cera, that way my name would be Sarah Cera, so this idea is totally up for grabs. I just think it’d be cool to introduce yourself as “I am Jack’s cold sweat. I am Jack’s smirking revenge. I am Jack’s future wife.” You know, in like a non-threatening sort of way. Obviously.

4. Name Tags

As in the movie, you should set out some of those “Hello, My Name Is” stickers. People like to know who they’re dealing with (read: sitting next to while devouring cake and stuff.)

5. Hire Professional Fighters. Because entertainment.

While you lovebirds go take your photos, it might behoove you to set up some sort of entertainment for your guests. The only option here is to have an area in which an “actual” fight club can show off some moves. Blood is red, and red is the color of passion and romance, so it follows that nothing will get a crowd in that lovey-dovey mood better than a few dudes beating each other to a bloody pulp.

Happy wedding! And Halloween-time!

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